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If you are a member of Marketing Ideas 101, you are—by your nature—a risk-taker.

You strive to improve your life and the lives of those around you, regardless of the heights you have achieved up to this point.

You refuse to muddle through life on default. You refuse to settle for the soul-numbing status quo.

Instead, you choose to own your entrepreneurial spirit and actively craft your life by building something that serves others. You do this in a sustainable way, choosing prosperity over being a pauper.

As a growth-seeking entrepreneur, you strive to change the world for the better—or at least your little corner of it.

About Matt

Marketing Ideas Author Matt SchoenherrFather of four amazing children, husband to my vivacious wife, marketing consultant, project manager, small business owner, Internet marketer, published author, speaker, college grad, computer industry refugee, web designer, employer, voter, graphic artist, consumer advocate, counselor, spiritual student, business activist, volunteer, sponsor, civil servant, teacher, schemer, dreamer, track star in my own mind, contractor, lover of movies and books, risk-taker, mistake-maker, martial artist, rock-climber, serial entrepreneur and advocate for a global culture of profound respect for all.

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Ideas will arm you with the inspiration to attract the sales, people and opportunities you’ve been seeking. This book is a fantastic collection of 101 marketing and branding best practices. Matt, thank you for this no-nonsense, play-by-play guide to marketing. You’ve taken many of the best-kept secrets for success and created a fun, page-turning blueprint.

~Joe Vitale
Author of The Attractor Factor and Hypnotic Writing


Matt has great ideas and shares real solutions with you to take your business to the next level. He does a great job showing the ‘one-person business’ the magic of big company marketing; easily accessible at your fingertips for free.

~Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady™
Founder of Ladies Who Brand, Inc.


A brilliant and effective resource for professionals and self-starters who want to inject enthusiasm and a renewed sense of energy into their business. These ideas can be implemented right away, and—if implemented—could easily make you a million dollars. What a great resource to bridge the gap between relationship and tradition marketing. A must-read for anyone who wants to supercharge their business!

~Susan Kledzik, Consultant
Unique By Design


You can spend 20 years in business trying to figure out how to effectively market your product or service… or you can buy Ideas by Matt Schoenherr and get going today. This is a ‘best practices’ marketing manual for the 21st century, packed with practical ideas and presented in an easy-to-follow format.

Every small business owner should read this book.

~Tom Donaldson, Regional Director
Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center


The collection of brilliance Matt brings to you in the pages that follow may excite, delight, and surprise you in what you quickly identify as wonderful, simple ways to approach marketing your small business; no longer from a perspective of scarcity but from abundance.

~John Meatte, CEO
Meatte Marketing