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The Money Thing: the elusive, often difficult mystery of acquiring, keeping, and continuing to produce enough money to be able to live the life of our choosing.

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You have the power to improve your finances, develop financial fitness, and positively impact the lives of those in your community and nation. The time to take action is now. Below is a sample of the 47 Financial Fitness Principles:

Principle 2

Money is a gift. It has a specific use. this means that you have a stewardship. You are to use your money for something that matters, for your family and beyond.

Principle 11

Never sacrifice principles for money or possessions. Be honest. Keep your integrity. Keep your priorities in the right order.

Principle 21

Put some money into preparing for a worst-case scenario. Don’t be fanatical about this, but don’t ignore it either.

Principle 31

Teach your children and youth the principles of financial fitness. Set the example for them. Mentoring them will help you as well as them.

Principle 42

Studying and understanding free enterprise is an essential part of financial fitness.

True Financial Fitness Begins Now!

What is required is an understanding of the principles behind the Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of personal finance.


  • Why you need to have a long-term vision
  • Harnessing the power of compounding to work for you instead of against you
  • Why investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make


  • The habits of saving and budgeting
  • The benefits of practicing delayed gratification
  • A strategic plan to get out of debt


  • The history of money
  • How inflation works
  • How to rate your nation’s economy

What You Will Get:

A financial education that involves budgeting, roll-down reduction training, planning tools, offensive game plans, teaching on how to arrange your money into a hierarchy, and even learn how your nation’s monetary policy affects your money.

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For only $99.99 you will get all of the following:

  • Financial Fitness: The Offense, Defense and Playing Field of Personal Finance in hardcover.
  • Financial Fitness Workbook
  • 8 Information Packed CDs
  • A Financial Fitness Decal

Get your copy of the Financial Fitness pack and begin applying these transforming financial principles to your life today!

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A coworker of mine recently went through a pretty nasty divorce. As sad as that was, what was worse is he didn’t have control of his own finances; she took care of everything. One day, I walked into his office and just told him if he needed anything from me just to let me know. He said without hesitation, “If you could help me fix my finances, I would owe you forever.” So we sat down and ordered the Financial Fitness pack and within a week he was able to draw up a budget and take over his spending. He realized he could actually save nearly $1,000 a month just by applying the principles. Another life changed financially. Now if only I would have gotten a marriage pack to him sooner…


Another coworker of mine was in his office (radio DJ) and I just randomly walked up and asked, “If time and money weren’t an issue, what would you be doing?” And as he thought about it, he started explaining his daughters medical bills and how that just seems to be weighing him down and if only he could find a way to pay that off. He thought he was going to have two years of payments on this medical bill. I had recommended the Financial Fitness pack to him, ran out to my car to show him and he bought it on the spot. The next morning he came into my office and was so happy. They figured out a plan to pay what they thought to be two years of debt into 4 MONTHS! Then he could snowball into his other debts and pay off his entire consumer debt in 13 MONTHS! He’s halfway there and still on track. He still thanks me to this day and mentions how great the CDs are.

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No one’s ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution
that’s abandoned by February.
~ Suze Orman