Social Media: Average Time Spent

Marketing Ideas 101 Social Media Stats 2012

Average minutes per visitor to social media sites.

Facebook (405)
Tumblr (89)
Pinterest (89)
Twitter (21)
LinkedIn (17)
MySpace (8)
Google+ (3)

Does not reflect mobile usage.
World-wide data as of January 2012.
Sources: comScore, The Wall Street Journal,

How much time to you spend on these social media sites? Any ideas?

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  1. Amidii says

    What is the time scale please: week ? Day ??
    Or does “xx minutes per visitor” mean… per visit ???
    Not sure to get it right

    • says

      Amidii, it’s my understanding these numbers reflect “per visit”. Keep in mind you’ll have some folks pop on and pop off the network, while others will stay logged in, wander away from their computer, then return. Good question, though! Matt

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