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Our professionally written sales page is testing at an incredible 9.5% conversion rate, for highly target traffic. Even on non-target traffic we are currently converting at nearly 6.5 percent! We pay our affiliates 50% commissions! That’s $23.50 PER SALE!

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Who are your customers?

Who is best positioned to reap HUGE BENEFITS from the Ideas Toolkit? The powerful marketing tips found in the Ideas Toolkit are perfect for:

  • small business owners
  • non profit organizations
  • work at home moms and dads
  • network marketers
  • public relations officers
  • marketing coordinators
  • local business owners
  • retail store owners
  • “mom and pop” shop owners
  • professional offices (i.e. dentists, doctors, lawyers, etc.)
  • serial entrepreneurs
  • home-based business owners
  • small- and mid-size businesses

These are the folks who need to be out there, everyday,

  • marketing themselves,
  • increasing their sales or fundraising,
  • taking online marketing courses, or
  • consciously defining their brand.

You can sign up to promote by visiting the Clickbank Marketplace at

If you already have a Clickbank account, just click on the link below, put in user name, and you can start promoting immediately!

Once you create a username you will be able to search for in the Clickbank marketplace. All you will need to do is click on the link that says “create hoplink” and you’re in business. You will have an exact replicated link of our website that will track all sales to you.

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PPC Keywords:

Here are some highly targeted keywords to promote MarketingIdeas101.

Broad Match

Phrase Match

Exact Match

PPC Ads:

Here are some pre-made PPC ads to get you started quickly.

Adwords Campaigns:

Be sure to change all the destination urls to your hop link so you are credited with the sales.

There are two destination URL’s to change:

  1. Ad destination url
  2. Keyword destination url

Ezine Ads

Ezine marketing is still one of the most effective ways to promote a business. Here are some solo ads for you to use.

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Forum Signatures

Forum posting is a powerful no cost method to drive targeted visitors to your affiliate hop link. Before you post make sure the forum allows you to use html signature posts and use the signatures below to get a head start. Also be sure to change the destination URL to your hop link.

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In order to qualify for the $5,000 quarterly giveaway, an affiliate must make a minimum of 400 new sales in any given 3 month period. Failure to have a minimum of 400 new sales during the 90 day period will make the quarterly giveaway null and void.