The Lover

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“A true lover always feels in debt to the one he loves.” Ralph W. Sockman – Writer and Pastor [1]


The Lover creates relationships. It makes people feel special and fosters the celebration of all the things that make us human. But the Lover is not just about romance. It covers loves of all types.

Also known as partner, friend, intimate, enthusiast, sensualist, spouse, team-builder

The Lover

Key Characteristics

  • Motto:You’re the only one
  • Driving desire:Experience and Intimacy
  • Goal:Being in a relationship with the people, the work, and the surroundings they love most
  • Greatest fear:Being alone, unwanted, unloved, or a wallflower
  • Strategy:To become emotionally and physically attractive to others
  • Weakness:Desire to please others who are at risk of losing their own identity
  • Talent:Passion, appreciation, gratitude, and commitment

Description of the Lover

At first glance, the Lover’s purpose is obvious: to encourage intimacy. While this is a function of this brand type, it is not the only one. The Lover’s purpose is to create new relationships, foster and strengthen existing bonds, and evoking emotions within their customers. Intimacy through close relationships is this brand’s ultimate goal. Thus, their advertisements are designed to bring the customer close and make them feel appreciated and loved. A high level of aesthetic attractiveness will always be present. The Lover Brand’s ultimate goal is to make their customer feel attractive and wanted. It is worth noting that the love this brand deals with is not only romantic but familial, parental, and platonic as well.

Three levels of the Lover brand exist. The first is relatively shallow. It does not go past the surface level of intimacy. Any connections established are temporary and somewhat impersonal. The second level of a Lover brand focuses on establishing a more long-term, more profound relationship. Commitment and realness are emphasized. Fulfillment in the relationship begins to occur. The third and final level evokes the deepest attachment level. Authentic, healthy relationships form here.

An excellent example of a Lover brand is Chanel. All their marketing is designed to draw the customer into an intimate environment where they feel accepted and loved. Their whole aesthetic is based on it. They often impart a sense of mystery, designed to make the customer want to find out more, and thus begin to move beyond the first level of the Lover as discussed above.

  • Brand Motivations
    • Sensualness
    • Desire
    • Romance
    • Passion
    • Exciting
    • Indulging
    • Closeness
    • Indulgence
    • Affection
    • Love
  • Brand Challenges
    • Fake
    • Offensive
    • Exploitive
  • Brand Strategy
    • Beauty and attraction is important and desirable
    • Its ok to indulge one self

The Lover in the Wild

The following companies, organizations, and industries are good examples of the Lover.

  • Archetype Examples: Victoria’s Secret, Lady Godiva, Chanel, Porsche, Lamborghini, Gucci, Haagen-Dazs, Baileys, Magnum, Christian Dior
  • Industries: Perfumes, Wine, Expensive Alcohol, Rich Foods, Luxury Goods, Luxury Travel, Cosmetics, Sports Cars


The Lover’s goal is to create intimate, loving relationships between people. It is designed to make us feel accepted for who we are and how we look. Whether it is family, friends, spouses, or other types of relationships, A Lover brand wants to strengthen these relationships and deepen people’s love for each other.