The Magician

“Dream no small dream; it lacks magic. Dream large. Then make the dream real.” – Donald Wills Douglas – Aircraft Designer and Builder [1]


The Magician promises something new, unique, and special – the ability to offer people to defy common beliefs and constraints for something better.

Also known as a visionary, inventor, healer, catalyst, charismatic leader, shaman, medicine man

The Magician

Key Characteristics

At its core, the Magician brand archetype is about transformation. The Magician uses what knowledge there is in the world to create wonders. It aims to inspire awe amongst its customers.

  • Motto:I make things happen
  • Driving desire:Understanding the fundamental laws of the universe
  • Goal:To make dreams come true
  • Greatest fear:Unintended negative consequences
  • Strategy:Develop a vision and live by it
  • Weakness: Becoming manipulative
  • Talent:Finding win-win solutions, making the complex appear simple

Description of the Magician

The Magician archetype wants to make your dreams come true. Its goals are in its name. A magician does seemingly impossible, wondrous things that bring smiles to the faces of all who witness and experience their work. Companies using the Magician brand archetype often claim they will usher in the future as fast as possible, pushing ideas to their furthest limit in the name of this cause. One drawback to this is if the company fails to deliver on its lofty promises. Another difficulty Magician brands deal with is a lack of focus. Magician brands often have many different ideas and leads they are pursuing, making it hard to nail one idea for their customers.

The Magician brand has three levels to it. The first comes with a magical, superficial sense of wonder. It is fleeting but satisfying in the moment it occurs. The second level goes deeper. The concept of flow is achieved. Flow, meaning where complete immersion in what a person is experiencing occurs. Time seems to pass incredibly slowly yet quickly at the same time. A single-minded passion towards achieving the promised vision is shared. The final level is one few Magician brands reach. The total deliverance of vision in its best form, achieving nearly satisfaction amongst their customers

In thinking about the Magician brand, the immediate thought is Disney. Disney is perhaps the best example of a Magician. Their parks are known as some of the most magical places on earth – and when you go, they do deliver. Combining incredibly advanced technology along with good marketing and content imbue a sense of wonder and child-like awe within those who go to their parks. Their movies are lauded as some of the best in the world, each successfully delivering on the vision promised to their consumers.

  • Brand Motivations
    • Transformation
    • Conversion
    • Knowledge
    • Vision
    • Direction
    • Wonderment
    • Belief
    • Discovery
    • Illumination
  • Brand Challenges
    • Mundane
    • Ineffective
    • Trivial
    • Unimaginative
  • Brand Strategy
    • Clear path and vision
    • Improvement through transformation and conversion
    • Provide a unique experience

The Magician in the Wild

The following companies, organizations, and industries are good examples of the Magician.

  • Archetype Examples: Disney, Dreamscape Multimedia, Oil of Olay, Dyson, Tesla, TEDX, Apple, Lululemon
  • Industries: Entertainment, Beauty, Self-Improvement, Health, Technology


A Magician’s goal is to inspire their customers. Their focus is innovation and deliverance of the vision. Motivated by an internal desire for transformation and change, the Magician will seek to make the world a more wondrous place.