10 Tips For Maintaining Automatic Doors

An automatic door solution is now used in most organizations thereby leading to consistent functionality. But do you think automatic doors do not need maintenance because of their automatic function? 

Do you think if you keep using this technology with no maintenance process in view it would last longer?

In this article, I will show you 10 tips for maintaining automatic doors. By the way, you can visit commercial door repair Toronto for modern door solutions.

10 Tips For Maintaining Automatic Doors

Make sure you grease the door constantly

If you notice a strange sound from your door may be due to stiffness or wear, the best thing to do at that point is to grease it. This would enable free movement of the door without any sound.

Do not allow liquid into the enclosed parts of the door.

This happens rarely though and heavy downpours usually cause it. It is best to always check out for this and make necessary moves before the rainy seasons.

Constantly check all electrical parts.

You should check this at all times, mostly in the panel. Water should not get into it most as it could affect its performance badly, leading to damage.

Use insecticide sometimes

It may sound weird, but it’s something you should do to maintain an automatic door. Heat attracts insects, and that heat is generated from the door. You should also use an insecticide to prevent them from staying around.

Make your door environment neat.

This has always been one maintenance process that applies to almost every gadget. Keep that area clean and ensure dust does not take over the space.

Apply lubricants at monthly intervals (maybe 2 months or thereabout)

Lubrication is a healthy practice that would protect your automatic door from quick damage. It will help in elongating the lifespan of the automatic door.

Regularly monitor the door spring.

When last did you see the door spring? If you don’t check out for this, then you’re wrong. You should regularly check the spring and ensure it does not exceed the limit. It could get slack, you know?

Ensure that the panels of the door are not spoiled

Sometimes you might find dirt on the door panels. You should regularly check for these specks of dirt and wipe them off. You could put the automatic door in danger if you do not wipe this part regularly.

Make sure the controls are in perfect condition.

Automatic doors are often in use. So, the controls could wear out due to frequent use. Check them regularly and ensure they are in good shape.

Do not let power go out when it’s in use.

This would not result in an enjoyable experience to witness. Ensure that your power is constant and does not go out at odd times. Be very cautious of this.

Bonus point

These processes would only help in prolonging the lifespan of your automatic door. If you feel the door is already giving some strange abnormalities, then it is best to hire a professional who would come to fix it or even change it. But till then, apply these principles wisely.