5 Proven tricks to woo customers special attention

Customers can be likened to the viscous blood that flows through your veins or the thin air you breathe. They are the lifeblood of your business and the reason for its existence. Hence, it is safe to say that once customers become scarce, your business will become stagnant and eventually wither.

Given the important and irreplaceable role customers play in the growth of your business, including its ability to generate profit, it is important you brainstorm effective ways to woo them.

Any ideas? No? Only a few, and you aren’t sure if they’d be effective?

Here are a few effective ideas to ruminate over.

1. Check up on customers (potential and existing)

Remember how excited you often get when a loved one or even a long-time friend checks up on you? A customer feels the same too. When you check up on a potential or existing customer, you make them feel special and important. And in an effort to pay back, this individual will often embrace your products or services, ignoring your competitors.

Common ways to check up on customers are via personalized emails, personal calls, messages, etc.

2. Offer discounts

If you aren’t aware, you should know now that customers love discounts and flock around businesses that often engage in this kind gesture. Business owners who are aware of this secret and implement it in their business often record substantial results. Why? Because everyone loves discounts, as it allows them to get what they want for less.

You can also offer freebies to spice things up a bit, probably as a way of saying “thank you” to loyal customers. Get creative and ensure that whatever you are offering is meaningful to your customer.

3. Give thanks

When you show gratitude to an individual, it compels him to do more. A simple act of saying thank you to your customers can make them stick with your business even if there are other better alternatives out there.

Now, how do you say thank you to your esteemed customers?

You can do this in several ways. However, among the ways that exist, I would suggest you consider hosting a “thank you event” where you gather loyal customers and treat them to something special (a picnic or barbecue).

You could host the event in a generalized area. For those with business in Michigan, you can consider somewhere like Royal Oak Music Theatre, Michigan, where you have corporate security in Grand Rapids Michigan, safeguarding the event if the need arises. It doesn’t have to be a grand event, just something to connect with your customers and appreciate them.

4. Remember special events

Tell me, a business that sends you heartwarming birthday wishes on your birthday and a spicy epistle on your wedding, and one that doesn’t, who would you like to stick with? The former, of course!

So, I guess it is evident that celebrating special events with your customers, be it existing or potential, is a perfect way to woo them and get your business name stuck in your memory for a long time.


A business that understands its target audience and knows how to attract them via basic but effective strategies will serve as a pacesetter to its competitors. Remember, without your customers, your business is as good as a non-profit organization. Thus make sure you pull out all the stops, so you remain the no one customer choice.