7 strategies for attracting (and retaining) talent

It’s simple – the best employees are the most dedicated ones, who do the most and carry out the best work. However, many businesses struggle to both attract and retain the best employees. There is a huge pool of talent out there; attracting talent is one thing but retaining talent is another.

From benefits like group life insurance to promoting diversity, in this guide, we’re going to outline 7 strategies for attracting and retaining talent.

1. Provide flexibility

Offering a range of employee perks that allow flexibility is crucial, especially when fostering a good work-life balance among so many different generations that are represented in the workplace today. These perks could include allowing hybrid working, or giving additional paid time off work to new mothers and fathers.

Employees who have flexible work schedules may also be able to leave work early for a variety of reasons, or change their workdays to attend appointments, without incurring any consequences. Employees desire work benefits and flexible working is certainly one of them.

2. Offer career development programs

It’s highly essential for businesses, especially developing companies, to invest in their staff and employees so that they have greater assurance about their futures within the organisation. Employees who perceive that their employers care about their professional development and career progression will be more satisfied and comfortable in the workplace, which makes them more productive, and less concerned about their employment security as a result.

3. Give recognition for work

Because many workers feel undervalued at work, it’s vital for employers to acknowledge their employees when they put in extra effort or perform well in their existing roles. This can be as simple as sending them a message and congratulating them for their work progress or rewarding them with some sort of benefit. Sometimes employees just need a pat on the back – not literally – to keep them motivated and retained in your workforce.

4. Know your own values

Determine which values and talents are most crucial for your business, and ensure you stick to them. For example, if you preach being an employee-centric brand, make sure you put employee benefits into practice, such as group life insurance, gym memberships, critical illness cover, and so on.

Rather than simply recruiting someone to take the role of another, fill roles in accordance with those needs and values. When you are upfront about your corporate image and business values from the start, candidates can more easily determine whether they are a good fit.

5. Let existing employees help with recruitment

While satisfied workers tend to stay longer, they may also help you recruit top talent by demonstrating to the most desirable candidates that they could also be pleased working for your company.

6. Promote remote working

The pandemic illustrated the viability of long-term remote working. Offering more flexibility in terms of working hours and location contributes to higher employee satisfaction, which promotes staff retention.

7. Encourage diversity

Prioritising and encouraging a diverse workforce by being more inclusive in hiring processes can create a more diverse corporate culture, and allows employees to bring a larger range of perspectives and experiences to the workplace.

As you can see, there are numerous ways that your business can both attract and retain talent. With these ideas in mind, you can increase productivity, and grow the skillset of your workforce.