9 Ways On How To Promote Your Webinar On LinkedIn Ads

Social media plays an important role in arranging and promoting webinars. However, you should keep your target audience in mind when preparing your approach if you want to effectively use social media channels for promotion.

LinkedIn Ads is a powerful platform that can be used to promote your webinar to a broader audience. Your main emphasis should be if your target audience primarily comprises professionals or B2B customers.

This post will discuss how to promote your webinar using LinkedIn ads. We will also provide tips on how you can make the most of LinkedIn Ads for your webinar promotion campaign.

So, whether you are a newbie user or an experienced campaigner, read and learn how to use LinkedIn Ads to successfully promote your webinar!


How to Promote a Webinar on LinkedIn

Create Webinar Registration Page

You must have a strong registration page for your webinar before anything else. Ensure you include the fundamentals on this landing page, such as the webinar’s title, banner, description, time, and presenters. You can also give your audience succinct yet persuading justifications for attending your webinar.

Look for a managed webinar provider that enables you to design an attractive registration page that will collect important information about your audience. Additionally, you can integrate with a landing page of your choosing.

Use Pictures

Posts on LinkedIn benefit from images. It is a great digital marketing strategy to boost the impression of your webinar. They attract more interest and curiosity than standard text posts, which increases the likelihood that people will register.

According to studies, readers glance at the pertinent photos of your company page or the webinar topic in the LinkedIn feed for longer than they do the text on the page. It’s significant to note that respondents retained 65% of the information three days later when a pertinent image was included in the message.

When Introducing Speakers, Use Video

Videos are an amazing way to promote your webinar, just like photographs. Additionally, they are more effective and entertaining, especially when educating people about your webinar. Make videos of the speakers’ introductions for your webinar. Let them discuss the webinar’s subject while urging viewers to sign up.

Make Corresponding Content

The promotion and registration of the webinar might be aided by producing content connected to the topic. Share a recent blog post of yours that is relevant to the webinar’s subject matter, or write an article for LinkedIn. You can also make infographics or little movies for your LinkedIn webinar to increase interest. Include the CTA on all this content, then post it on LinkedIn.

Test Out LinkedIn Ads

In addition to sponsored posts, you may consider LinkedIn Ads. These differ slightly from sponsored content in that they can appear elsewhere besides the user’s feed, such as on the sidebar and search results pages.

You can attempt text ads, where you can select the target market of businesspeople. Alternately, you can use dynamic advertising more tailored to your chosen demographic.

Use the Lead Generation Forms on LinkedIn

Utilizing lead generation forms is an additional strategy for increasing registration sign-ups. These enable you to get higher-quality leads from your adverts by displaying pre-filled forms to people that have data from their LinkedIn profiles. You obtain better leads for your webinar because the procedure is made simpler and faster.

Send to Appropriate LinkedIn Groups

Sharing pertinent LinkedIn groups or any professional network is a fantastic strategy to advertise your webinar. Tell them if you’re a group member with other industry or organization professionals.

Analyze and Gauge Achievement

Use UTM parameters or LinkedIn-supported third-party monitoring to monitor your progress. Look at the statistics for all campaigns and advertisements. What postings performed well? Which advertisements attracted the most clicks? When you next advertise your webinar on LinkedIn, note all these findings.

Maintain Contact

After the webinar, the work isn’t finished. We like to send “Thank You” or “Sorry We Missed You” notes a day or two after the event to individuals who could not make it. Ask for opinions. Share any supporting information or relevant content. Give them the schedule for the next LinkedIn events. With a clear CTA, you may encourage next-step action. Recipients would be more receptive if the webinar successfully moved them up the funnel to generate leads!

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn Ads is a powerful platform to promote your webinars. You can target individuals based on their job title, company size, or other factors. In addition, you can create custom ads that include a video or an image. We hope these tips will help you get the most out of LinkedIn Ads and generate more leads for your upcoming webinars.

Have you tried any of these tactics? Let us know in the comments below!