B2B Sales Tips to Earn You More Clients

No matter which industry you’re in, B2B sales can be incredibly difficult. It’s widely accepted that B2C sales are significantly easier, mainly because there are fewer intricacies involved. When you’re dealing directly with another business and are trying to get them to buy your product, you have to go through multiple decision-makers and sales cycles before you finally reach an agreement. It’s a process that can be long and tiring – even for the most experienced B2B salespeople out there.

Here, you can explore a handful of different B2B sales tips that will help to get those all-important clients onboard. Along the way, you might experience the occasional obstacle, but it’s nothing that you can’t overcome.

Let’s begin.

Establish a B2B CRM System

If you’re looking to rack up plenty of B2B sales over the coming year, you need to establish a B2B CRM system. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to achieve your goals.

A B2B CRM system allows you to:

  • Build an excellent sales cycle
  • Track clients (and potential new clients)
  • Tailor services and offerings to individual client needs

Once you have a B2B CRM system up and running, you’ll be able to follow b2b crm strategies that your entire organization, from management to sales teams, are tuned in with.

Bring Hard Facts to the Table

No matter what type of products or services you’re looking to sell to another business, you need to provide proof that you know what you have to offer is of genuine quality. Otherwise, businesses will lose interest in any potential deal faster than you could imagine.

Can you outprice your competitors? How long do your products last? Do you provide reliable customer service if things go wrong? These types of questions are going to be asked directly to you, which is why you need to be prepared.

For example, if you’re looking to sell a VoIP phone system to a company that already has an existing VoIP phone system in place, they’re going to want to know what features your system offers that theirs currently doesn’t. If you can’t provide an answer to this, the sales won’t happen – simple.

This is why all of your sales team, from field sales to telesales, need to be up-to-scratch with all the important product information. Luckily, if you implement the above-mentioned B2B CRM system, this will make life much easier for them, as sales team members will have all the information that they need right in front of them.

Target the Right Audience

When you’re looking for businesses to sell to on the market, you must target the right audience. If you’re cold-calling random businesses from random industries, this isn’t a good strategy to have. Instead, you need to build up profiles for specific businesses that you plan to target. Then, when the time comes for sales pitches (and everything else in-between), you’re equipped with all the information you need and are much more likely to get the deal done.

Close the Deal in-Person

In an age where many sales meetings and consultations are done over Zoom (as well as other video calling apps), you should never underestimate the value of meeting other businesses in-person. This makes it a lot easier to close deals, as it puts a face on the brand and enables a genuine rapport to be built.