5 High-Tech Solutions For The Modern Dining Business

A 2019 report by the National Restaurant Organization shows that cafes, restaurants, bars, and similar establishments can expect more customers in the next couple of years. Although the American restaurant industry is set to enjoy significant growth in the coming years, not all establishments will be successful. As the restaurant sector continues to grow, so will the competition.

As a savvy business owner, you are probably looking for ways to gain a significant advantage over your competitors. One sure way to dominate the restaurant business sector is by leveraging the power of technology. Adopting high-tech solutions will streamline your operations and increase your sales. With that in mind, continue reading to discover the top 5 high-tech technologies that every modern dining business should embrace this year.

A Touch Screen Modern Point of Sale Terminal

Curb appeal brings customers to your restaurant, but ensuring a seamless and smooth order-taking process will keep all your customers happy. Modern Point of Sale technologies allows customers to order and pay within minutes. This will not only keep them happy and encourage them to come back tomorrow, but it also keeps the line moving.

Additionally, it enhances productivity and accuracy. When shopping for point-of-sale technology, take your time to check the hardware and your budget. A good POS technology should have durable hardware to handle the rigors of your restaurant.

Above all, it should have an easy-to-understand interface so customers and staff can have an easy time operating it. Touch screen terminals are easy to understand and use. They can simplify the order-taking process, increasing your revenue.

Self-Order Kiosks

Self-order Kiosks are becoming popular by the day for various reasons. Many customers report that self-order kiosks are integral to their experience. With a self-order kiosk, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other establishments can meet and exceed their diner’s expectations. Moreover, this technology has an easy-to-use interface that encourages diners to review the menu and customize orders.

Giving your dinners complete control over their choices will undoubtedly increase your revenue. Beyond that, a self-order kiosk can also help you reduce losses and food wastage. Just check the average order volume to minimize waste. Additionally, embracing self-order Kiosks can enhance productivity by overcoming staffing restrictions.

Restaurant Scheduling Software

Why track down texts and put down sticky notes when you easily create and manage schedules? You no longer have to develop a roaster with sticky notes. With today’s technology, restaurants can save time, reduce labor costs, and streamline operations by using the best scheduling software for restaurants like yours. Embracing labor and scheduling software for your restaurant will also help you overcome the unprecedented development in today’s labor market.

Not only that, but using the best restaurant scheduling software can also ensure compliance by allowing you to schedule laws, monitor employee attendance, and schedule changes. This software improves payroll accuracy by providing accurate timekeeping, payroll integration, and biometrics clocking. You can also use the hourly sales vs. labor cost feature to reduce staffing costs by monitoring your sales vs. labor cost reports.

Kitchen Display Systems

The restaurant kitchen is where all the action happens. Unfortunately, your kitchen staff might struggle to keep up with all the printed tickets. That’s why you should turn to a kitchen display system to keep production in top gear and keep the line moving. Unlike traditional ticket printers, kitchen display systems are easy to track. Above all, they can help you cut down on printing expenses. Besides, they are more environmentally friendly since they are 100% digital.

You only need to mount them strategically so your kitchen staff can view open orders while preparing delicious meals and drinks. You can even integrate them with your point-of-sale terminals to increase efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Embrace Online Ordering

In an era where many customers prefer to shop from the convenience of their home or office, it is essential to have an online ordering system. A takeout service improves the customer experience and saves them time and money. Furthermore, your customers won’t have to deal with long lines if they can order their favorite menu on their phones or computers. Online ordering will also increase your revenue and enhance order accuracy. Beyond that, you can capture and track essential customer data to improve your marketing efforts and customer experience.

To stand out from your competitors today, you must adopt these five high-tech solutions. These simple and flexible solutions will help your restaurant improve customer experience and revenue.