5 Tips to Avoid Employee Demotivation

If you think hiring the most qualified people to work for your company is a daunting task, you must not have thought about what it takes to make sure they stick around. Sure, good pay and an array of employee benefits are some factors to keep them motivated, but studies show that these actually don’t top the list.

If you are committed to giving your employees a reason to stay for the long haul, here are some key tactics to keep them motivated and loyal to your company.

1. Offer a Safe and Comfortable Working Space

A dingy box-like working space will only bore employees and keep them unmotivated on end. Make sure to provide a workspace that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and comfortable to work in.

For starters, making sure things are in their rightful place can help avoid clutter and disorganization in the office. A clean and neat workspace does not only clear one’s mind at work but also keeps employees safe and healthy.

2. Reward Your Employees

Handing out incentives for a job well done is not a new tactic in the work environment and it is one that still works like a charm. But before handing out those free movie tickets or treating your team for drinks, go the extra mile by making the rewards as personalized as possible. With this, employees will appreciate your effort more as it shows that you really took the time to get to know them better. If you’re not sure what to give them, don’t hesitate to simply ask, either through employee surveys or suggestion boxes.

3. Be Transparent with Communication

Keeping your staff in the dark as to how the business is doing will just keep them disengaged and unmotivated in their jobs. On the other hand, providing them with insight makes them more invested in the company, and this can be achieved when you communicate with the staff with as much transparency as possible.

Whether through the weekly reports you send out or through meetings over video conferencing, you can always provide your employees with vital information relevant to their specific jobs. This also helps you in a way as it enables them to share their thoughts about how the company could do better and you’ll need every single idea you can find if it’s for the sake of your company’s success. Also, it is a must that you handle quarrels in the workplace objectively to avoid offending any of your employees. You can ask for help from experienced hr investigations firm for you to come up with the best resolution to any heated arguments arising in your office.

4. Don’t Ignore Their Health

It’s inevitable that employees get sick from time to time, and when they do, this can affect your company in more ways than one, with absenteeism and decreased productivity among them. And when you aren’t keen at upping your employee health game, it could push your staff to eventually leave your company sooner than later.

To avoid illnesses and stress in the workplace, make an effort to develop an employee health and wellness program that specifically targets employees’ needs and preferences. You may hand out free gym memberships or equip the clinic with medical equipment such as SpO2 cables, or you can improve your employee health insurance benefits.

5. Give Them Room to Grow

According to author Daniel Pink, employees are motivated by three things: autonomy, purpose, and mastery. Giving each staff freedom to make their own decisions at work, praising them for their contribution to the business, and providing them with an opportunity to grow should encourage them to stay in your company and help it reach better heights in the future.

Aside from these tips, sometimes the best thing you can do to know what motivates your employees is just to actually sit down and listen to the pulse of your workforce. Giving them a platform to voice out their thoughts and opinions is one way of showing employees that they are a valued asset to your organization.