7 Marketing Strategies for your Wedding Planning Business

Advertising a business is essential to its success. It will help you with brand awareness and get more sales conversions. Wedding planners are real lifesavers for brides-to-be and need to seriously have a marketing plan if they want their business to thrive.

Here’s how you can reach out to your target audience:

Start a Blog

Publishing wedding-related content is a surefire way to get more brides-to-be. Your blog serves as a media channel where you can put all the useful information that the couples need to plan their wedding.

Here are some topic ideas that you can put in your blog:

  • How-to guides for planning their dream weddings

  • Wedding locations and costs

  • Bridal Beauty tips and makeup

  • Honeymoon planning

  • Creating wedding invitations with photos

Your blog is also a good platform to put all the services that you offer for couples. Do make sure that on every blog post, you include a Call to Action. You can ask the visitors to contact you for more information or to book an appointment with you.

Also, on every blog post, include a Share button for social media. Encourage visitors to share information they find useful to their social media channels. It’s a good way to attract more followers to your site.

Partner with Wedding Agencies and other Vendors

When running a wedding business, you will most likely need the help of other vendors such as catering or photoshoot services. Make a list of products or other services that you will need for the wedding and approach vendors for these.

Do research as to the prices and the inclusions of the services. Partnering with these agencies can also help you reach out to potential clients. They usually have great leads that may be interested in your service too.

Develop Your Brand

If you want to be professionally recognized for your business, create a brand identity. You will need this if you want the clients to know that you are serious about running a wedding planning business.

First, you will need a registered business name or a brand name. Then create a professionally-looking logo for brand recognition and awareness. If possible, hire a designer to help you create a logo, then print business cards and stationeries with your logos on it. You can also put them in marketing materials that you use like brochures.

Visuals are extremely important in marketing. Use only high-quality photos and make sure the colors you use complement each other. Also, choose a tagline for your business. This would also help you with brand recognition.

Work on your SEO

The Internet allows anyone to buy almost anything on the web and that includes booking a wedding. Start building an online presence as early as possible to help you penetrate the market.

Revamping your website is a good idea. Make sure it is fast and user-friendly. Your website must be compatible both with the desktop and mobile versions. Better yet, create an app for your wedding planning business.

Lastly, publish only great content and do not forget your call to actions.

Get Published in Magazines

Another way to reach out to your target audience is by getting yourself published in wedding magazines – both the traditional one and digital. You may have to work with a PR company to achieve this. PR companies usually work with influencers and journalists and these people can help you advertise your services in reliable wedding publications.


Marketing is just as important as the wedding planning itself. If you don’t market, you don’t get clients. Follow the strategies above to help you skyrocket your sales.