Avoid These 5 Things When Hiring a Marketing Agency

It can be challenging and overwhelming to create an online vision for your business. This is where marketing agencies come along and transform it, with their expertise and insider knowledge.

But you need the right one.

And while many blogs out there focus on what you should consider when hiring a marketing agency, there are also red flags out there that tell you when to avoid a particular agency. We have five of them for you.

1. Aren’t Honest in Their Representation

Presentation matters more than most when it comes to marketing agencies. How they present themselves, both online (through their social media platforms and website) and in person, should give you an indication of how they work and if they’re honest or not.

If the company is all about professionalism online but doesn’t show any of that in person, it means they are merely showing themselves off to get the sale, not the results. However, if they display themselves as modern and hip and act similarly, they are tried and true in their representation.

That ultimately means they’re honest with you with your campaign, finance and results.

2. Never Go For Cheap Deals

Sometimes, going for the cheapest product isn’t a bad idea. With marketing? It is a terrible idea. You get what you pay for with marketing, and settling for cheap deals means you’re getting basement level services. And that eventually means you won’t get the results you want, and you’ll be wasting money without seeing anything come back into your pocket.

Sure, we understand that some companies are new and trying to break into the market with cheaper deals. But they can negate that through points three and four.

Overall, you should always make sure you hire a marketing agency that offers you a wealth of services for a competitive price. It’s better to pay for quality, as you know you’ll get results and won’t see your investment wasted.

3. Be Warned with Consistent Negative Reviews

Negative reviews shouldn’t always ring alarm bells. There are always going to be customers that aren’t happy with their agencies. A few bad reviews here and there aren’t the end of the world.


Consistent, bad reviews that always mention the same things within a recent time frame (say in the previous six months to a year) is a cause for concern. It means that there is a problem within the agency and they haven’t sorted it yet or don’t care enough (which is much worse).

Look for agencies that have more good reviews than bad and with high ratings. It’s your best bet to find a top-quality agency.

4. Make Sure They’re Informative

You want an expert in the industry, a leading voice that can guide you through your digital marketing campaign. The only way to tell if they’re up to this level of service is to ensure they are informative – meaning they answer your questions, provide in-depth information and understand the fabrics of your business and your industry better than you do.

Prepare your questions and everything you want to know. If they know about your business, understand your industry, and can provide you with valuable information that sets you up for success, then you know they’ve done their research on your and ready to help you with your campaign.

If they haven’t, it means they have no idea and are just winging your campaign.

People realxing during lunch break

5. Don’t Just Settle For Local Agencies

While your business might be local, that doesn’t mean that the marketing agency has to be too. With today’s access to technology, communication via Zoom conferences and emails are easier than ever before. Sure, face-to-face communication is precious, and it’s certainly better to do, but it shouldn’t limit you – particularly if you have the chance to work with an experienced marketing agency.

Many marketing agencies, such as GrowME Marketing, are not just experts in their local city but also have the tactical nous and the experience to work in cities and areas across the country. Remember that you want the best for your business, regardless of where you and the marketing agency is based.