How to Attract Today’s Top Talent

Growing businesses need to take every advantage they can get in today’s competitive day and age. In the absence of ample resources and vast marketing budgets, obtaining the perfect job candidate becomes all the more vital. To attract the right talent, hiring managers must offer something more than a simple living wage. A respectable salary and benefits package are still important, but it is no longer the only factor. This is especially true of today’s next generation of employees. Young professionals are searching for potential workplaces that maintain a healthy work/life balance or businesses that are willing to contribute to their student loan debt.

Millennials and Gen Z employees are known for having a different set of priorities when compared to previous generations. Employers who want to ensure a happy and satisfied workplace need to consider this. Besides the obvious perks, businesses must think creatively and provide resourceful benefits geared towards a young person’s wants and needs.

One of the most prominent differences between Millennials/Gen Z employees and their older counterparts is that they are waiting longer to settle down and start families. In response, a growing number consider their pets to be essential members of the family. Therefore, a workplace that offers on-site pet care or “bring your dog to work” days as part of their benefits program has a competitive edge when enticing and retaining these talented “pet parents.”

Additionally, today’s talented professionals are increasingly aware of the importance of work/life balance and overall wellness than most individuals. Many of these young jobseekers want positions that provide flexible options such as varying start times and working from home. To help them manage stress levels and find greater satisfaction during the workday at the office, a growing number of employers also offer on-site health services or even in-house yoga. These options provide workers a chance to avoid potential burnout and re-energize.

Lastly, student loan debt continues to be one of the most pressing and common financial issues for young Americans in the workplace. In response, several companies are providing fiscal aid as part of their compensation packages. Not only does this help employees pay off their education costs earlier, but it allows them to feel supported by their company.

There is no denying how crucial your team members are to growing your company. With that in mind, you should evaluate what your business is doing to attract the next generation of talented employees and what perks it can provide to better that. The priorities of the typical job applicant are changing, and companies need to keep up. To learn more about the creative benefits you can offer to improve recruitment and retention among the younger demographic, view the accompanying infographic.

Author bio: Nikki St. Martin is VP of Marketing for The Jacobson Group, the premier insurance recruiters in the country. St. Martin is responsible for the ongoing marketing and branding efforts of The Jacobson Group.

Infographic provided by The Jacobson Group