How to Choose Instagram Brand Marketing Service

With 64% of the internet users, 18-29 using Instagram on a daily basis advertising on this medium is considered highly lucrative. The majority of Instagram accounts are held by people under the age of 46. The majority of certain products sold, including fashion products, shoes, perfume, jewelry, accessories, toys, computers, and more are purchased by people who fit into this age grouping.

To ensure that your Instagram ads are seen by the right people, and are effective you should consider hiring a small business social media marketing agency. They can help you choose the right posts, the right strategies, and create an Instagram presence that people will be attracted to. Learning your brand archetype can also help.

Choosing the right media marketing agency is imperative in getting the most from your Instagram strategy. The following things should be considered as you are choosing your media marketing agency. Also, it will be of your great advantage if you utilize a reputable instagram private profile viewer to monitor the activities of your competitors.

1. Who do they reach?

Online shoppers come from all corners of the earth. They are from every country and speak every language. Your social media marketing agency needs to have global representation so they can effectively appeal to the different people, nationalities, and countries.

2. What do they cover?

You do not want to have to employ several companies to get your Instagram marketing done right. You want a company that is a full-service agency. A full-service agency will offer;

  • Page establishment

  • Creative development and writing of content

  • Content creation and visual advertising strategies

  • Paid amplification

  • Contact creation and lead development

  • Day to day over-seeing of the Instagram account

3. What niches are they experienced in

You want your social media advertising agency to be experienced in advertising things similar to what you sell. Search for companies that have been employed by other small businesses that sell something close to what you sell.

4. What influencer program do they use?

Your social media campaign is one of influence on the readers and followers to drive them to your page. You need to know how the company plans to use influence to get this done, and if they target audiences based on;

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Geographic location

  • Interests

5. How available or they?

When you reach out to a social media advertising agency you want them to respond to your call or email in a timely manner. If you have to wait several days for a response from one of their representatives then you might want to consider contacting another company.

Once you sign with a company you also want them to respond to you quickly when you have questions or concerns about your account. Their customer service is important and will show you their level of dedication to their clientele.

Hiring an agency to help you create your Instagram marketing strategies is important for you, and you should choose carefully. Some agencies will offer incentives like free consultations, or a free trial period. Take advantage of these incentives so you can see what the company offers, how they treat their clients and their success rate.