How to keep your brand memorable if you are in the competitive industry

Today a lot of companies are competing for the visitors’ attention. As the time and people with the purchasing power are changing, the commercials and advertisements are getting less and less effective. In fact, according to the research, millennials are not responding to adds compared to the previous generation.  On the other hand, they are giving credits to the companies that have genuine communication, interesting content, an engaging website, and social media accounts. Hence, it is very important for websites, especially for those who are leading the business online.

As every kind of business has a website now, potential customers are getting a lot of results when searching for a certain product or service. If the field you are operating in is highly competitive, it is harder to grab the customer’s attention and stay memorable, as there are many companies with the exact same objectives. You need to make sure your website outshines competitors and customers remember you when they need the service again.

Think of a memorable way 

It is important to have a memorable name. People tend to trust companies with the brand names, at the same time, it is easy to remember and to distinguish your company from the others. For example, if you will search online casinos on search engines you get hundreds of online casinos in a result. Some of them have the standard names that do not stand out at all. The online casino business is highly competitive, to stand out one of the casinos decided to have a name that would be easy to remember, sound cool and be memorable. They chose to name the company Cool Cat Casino which really stands out among the other names and gets more hits than the ones with the standard boring name. It also is very easy to remember.

Make an appealing design 

If you have already managed to stand out with your business name and increased website traffic, it is important to greet potential customers with a nice, engaging design. While there are always trends to follow,  in 2019 you can choose any kind of design for your website as long as it is done well and with good taste. Bright, bold colors can bring you as much success as a navy color pallet. The main point is for your color pallet to fit the type of business you are leading.

Do not forget to include pictures and forms on your website design. Play with it as much as you want,  abstract forms and the mix of different styles is one of the main website design trends today. So use them to make your website more appealing and engaging.

Use a unique set of icons 

Everyone likes icons now. They are beautiful, cool and lovely and they can definitely make your website more lively. You can hire a designer and make a set of icons for your business. Implement them according to the content on the website and you can be sure that visitors will be more interested to navigate on your website. It will help you drop the bounce rate and increase your website performance. It will also make your website more memorable. For example, if you have an online e-commerce shop that sells accessories, you might find it hard to compete with the other companies, as there are a lot of them. If you make your website more fun and interesting with the icons, people will like them more. Next time, if they even forget your business name, they will definitely recognize your website when getting results for the query “e-commerce shop for accessories.”

This three steps will help you create a website for the business that has a lot of competitors. Interesting brand name, nice web design and fun icons will make your website stand out and be memorable.