Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Getting the Results You Need? How to Set Up a Campaign that Succeeds

With the intense focus on digital marketing techniques and tools nowadays, it seems that just about every business out there has learned to accept this as the preferred marketing route, and in turn is investing time, resources, and money into a robust online marketing plan. Everything from social media, to websites, blogging, and email marketing campaigns are on the table to be used, and can garner some pretty impressive results. Where these online marketing tools really shine is in giving companies the chance to be more targeted in their efforts, and thereby create more leads and sales.

If you’ve recently introduced an email marketing campaign to your digital efforts and you’re failing to see the results you had hoped for, it doesn’t mean it’s time to scrap the campaign. Instead, it may just be that you need to make some simple adjustments and changes in order to better the results. So, let’s take a closer look at how you can set up an email marketing campaign that is on the path to success.

Why Do You Want to Use an Email Marketing Campaign?

A great place to start is with getting really honest with the company’s goal. Ask what the purpose of the email marketing campaign is. Are you looking to grow your website visitors? Do you want to create leads? Maybe it is to generate more sales, or perhaps it’s more targeted and you’re using the campaign to introduce a new product or service?

By determining the reason for the email marketing campaign, you will in fact be setting a goal. That broad goal can then be broken down into smaller milestones with a blueprint of steps drawn up.

Use Milestones to Keep the Main Goal(s) on Track

This brings us to the next tip, which is to set various milestones at varying intervals. The idea is that these milestones will not only keep the campaign on track, but ensure that it is following the timeline. If you are missing milestones, or they are taking longer to achieve than what you banked on, then it can act as a red flag that you need to address. Keep in mind that it’s much easier to make small tweaks and changes along the way, rather than let multiple campaigns go by with disappointing results.

Ensure There is Constant Monitoring and Tracking of Results

Of course, it’s impossible to tell if you’re hitting your milestones, and on your way to reaching your goal if you aren’t tracking the results. There are specific key metrics that all companies need to be tracking in order to determine just how effective the email marketing campaign is.

Sendinblue has a fabulous blog that takes a close look at what the metrics are and how you can get better results. As the blog discusses, it is incredibly important to monitor, evaluate, and analyze these metrics at all times. The five areas companies should be tracking are the open rate, click-through rate, reactivity rate, bounce rate, and spam rate. The blog even offers details such as comparison open rates by country, click through rates by industry, and more.

All of the information you compile can then be used to tweak your current efforts and make the campaign more effective overall.

Always End with a Call to Action

Another tip is to always ensure that no matter the topic or purpose of the email you send out, that there is a call to action. It may be to have customers fill out a survey, a link to your site or product page, asking customers to leave a comment, or purchase an item/service. No email should be sent out without this call to action.

The Subject Line Matters

Finally, you want to be sure that you’re using a subject line that is intriguing, of interest to the reader, and will prompt them to open it. Considering one of the biggest struggles is to just get people to open the email in the first place, rather than trashing it, you need to grab their attention right from the start.

Be Patient

Here’s a tip that sounds simple, but can be the most difficult of all. When you implement a brand-new mail campaign, it’s only natural to want to see immediate results. Chances are this isn’t going to be the case. Instead it will take time and consistent effort, and even changes to the campaign itself. It’s important to stay focused on your goal and remember that it’s just going to take time.

The Steps and Tips that Will Lead to Success

By implementing each of these steps and tips, you will in fact be creating an email marketing campaign that is poised to succeed and hit all your milestones, targets, and goals.