Making Magic with Affiliate Marketing

If you’re wanting to get into affiliate marketing, now is definitely the time to do it. Many people have literally left their boring day jobs to work at home, and one of the best ways that they earn a little bit of passive income (while some others make it their primary income) is with affiliate marketing. From Amazon, to other affiliate websites and just blogging about them, people are earning more and more money using certain online marketing tools, even if they don’t have much marketing experience themselves.

By using a handful of tools and creating online blog sites, they’re literally writing about articles, and using select tools that can help them sell products for other people, getting a commission. But what kind of tools other than a website do they need? Well, for starters, one of them is a tool made by none other than Kevin David, known as Marketer Magic. In this guide, we’re going to tell you a little bit about making magic with affiliate marketing, and how you can do it yourself with Marketer Magic.

More than Just Work Hubs

While Marketer Magic does have a work hub associated with it that lets you track things like other team members, virtual assistants, and more, Marketer Magic allows you to get the most out of it. You can get Marketer Magic verified tags, use click funnels and show more sociability on y our website using things like custom toast messages for suggestive advertising, and more. You can even integrate it with your e-mail marketing campaign and be able to send your clients personalized messages to say thank you, hello, and more.

There are some special powerhouse features of Marketer Magic however that are exceptionally crucial and helpful for affiliate marketers. Most people know that URL’s can be pretty long, especially when it comes to Amazon and other website’s unique ID’s. Using things like the link shortener, and lead generator can greatly help build your arsenal as well.

A Secret Tip for New Affiliate Marketers

When it comes to choosing products for affiliate marketing, you want to pick products that will be desired by your target audience for starters, so you’ll need to know who that is. At the same time, don’t be afraid to pick some higher priced items, and definitely look for upsells, but make sure that you choose a quality product with high ratings, a good seller, and something that is in stock or in high demand and gets re-stocked frequently.

Then you can convert your links to links using the Marketer Magic link shortener, and integrate these into your social campaigns, and more. Linking to your blog on your page with things like the ClickProof SocialProof can also help you get your posts out there as well.


When it comes to being able to utilize many tools at once, Marketer Magic can definitely help with that. Also, you’ll want a good training course out there, and fortunately Smart Bot Marketers provides one free of cost, with numerous video tips and tutorials that can help you get started on the platform.