No Tradeshows, So How Do I Reach Clients?

For many, the year of Covid-19 is the most stressful year ever for business and health. Everyone is nervous, and we all have to work around the new limitations to make things happen. So far, this has been particularly impactful on businesses who cultivate leads through trade shows, conferences, or in person events. In order to continue finding new clients, the normal methods need to be rethought. Innovations must take place. There are many ways to get things done, but in the following are a few options that have been showing great promise for generating sales even in the absence of trade shows.

New Age Media

Regardless of the current situation, video marketing events have been a rising star of alternative trade show methods. There has been high interest and many applications for a virtual experience. While the idea is a little self-explanatory, the results might be extraordinary. For many people and businesses, the actual transportation and time requirement it takes to attend a traditional trade show makes them hesitant. Currently they cannot go regardless but the principle still makes potential clients accept the proposition and agree readily. Anyone that wishes to experience and potentially do business can access the event from the comfort of their own home or office. The technology available today allows for direct live communication and easily shared premade media to showcase your products or service. These events can be easily set up using a mass email to your own contact list with a sharable link for their contacts. Otherwise, there are some media companies that can assist with setting up the event or creating your content. Either way, the process is easily accomplished and can yield some promising results.

Try an Intimate, Innovative Setting

In order to follow guidelines for business and make sure everyone in your business and potential clients stay happy and healthy, an intimate function may be the solution. There are several ways to accomplish the task. The ideas used for previous alternative sales methods can be used for accomplishing the impossible in the new state of affairs. Smaller functions have been used to give potential clients a sense of importance and excitement while allowing them to experience your product or service up close and personal.

Popup? More like Pop Out

One way to make up for the lack of trade shows and events is to create your own. There are many ways to make this happen, and you can easily tailor the micro-event to suit the business or services offered. The idea is for quick turnover and cultivating a personal experience. Therefore, a pop-up shop in an open event space or even outdoors is perfect for getting a small gathering to flow through the event and make a lasting connection. Ideally, the event can be targeted at current clients and potential leads generated by your clients or other marketing. Having a target audience allows for really specific tailoring when trying to impress or showcase your services. Gopromotional advocates personalized branded items that are intended to keep your interaction with the client securely in their mind and within an arm’s reach. Because this methodology is very targeted and you may already have done business or are doing business with these people, a proper promotional gift makes an excellent reward or token of appreciation.

Even though we are forced to only allow small groups to congregate at this time because of the pandemic, that fact can really work to our advantage. When addressing small groups, making a personal connection can be far easier than at a trade show or a large event. The people who would agree to come are most likely somewhat familiar with the services offered and are interested in if this may improve their business. All that is left is to inform, impress and interact with the attendees.

If They Can’t Come to You, Go to Them

Now that many people and companies are finding themselves back in the office, the opportunity to break up the monotony of their workday works to your benefit. Outfitting a mobile presentation experience is an interesting way to capture people’s attention in a one-on-one environment while keeping everyone involved safe. The investment in a vehicle with custom branding is not only useful for targeted marketing, but along your travels many people will take notice and potentially yield new business. A mobile experience is easily used for multiple prospects throughout the day, bringing excitement and novelty to many companies over the course of a week. Especially with the lack of trade shows, something must be done to gain new clients. Mobile marketing experiences are a proactive method for attracting clients. Sometimes to get things done you’ve got to go out and get them.