Should I Market My Business as Green?

The green movement is a big deal these days. Many companies see the popularity of sustainability and want to get a piece of the action.

Going green can be a great thing. However, you must be honest with yourself and your audience before you publicly position yourself as an eco-friendly operation. Connect Electric wants to help you decide whether you are ready to market your company as green.

Is Sustainability a Part of Your Company Culture?

Action speaks louder than words. Even the slickest marketing campaign will mean very little if your audience knows that you aren’t true to your message. Sustainability must be built into your company culture before you begin marketing yourself as green. Include it as part of your goals and mission statement. Let the world know that you are serious and plan to back your words with action.

You should also have a definition of what you consider green to mean for your business. This will allow you to set realistic goals and measure progress for better transparency.

Do You Participate in Green Events?

Do you participate in local or industry green events? If not, now is the time to start. Being proactive is another great way to prove you mean what you say. Set up booths at conventions or events to spread awareness of your brand and what it’s doing to support the green movement.

Make sure you get lots of photos and videos of your efforts to share online. This is a great resource for social media. It sparks conversation about your brand and builds your reputation.

Does Your Organization Donate to Charity?

Do you donate to any green charities? This is another way to get involved. You can include the public by matching donations up to a certain amount or by donating profits. Start a campaign to donate a percentage of sales of an item, location, or during a certain time to a green charity.

Are Your Employees Interested in the Green Movement?

Is green living something that your staff is also interested in? Encourage participation by supplying employees with information and resources for going green. You can also provide incentives like internal charity drives, establishing a “green team,” or creating competitions with prizes.

Employees are more enthusiastic and motivated when they feel committed to a cause or goal. This builds a stronger public image and helps maintain a green company culture.

Do You Partner with Green Vendors and Contractors?

Find vendors and contractors who are eco-minded and meet your needs. Make the green effort a part of your entire process. Many consumers want to know where ingredients or materials are sourced from to make the products they buy. You can tell them, with confidence, that you support other environmentally friendly businesses.

Are You Taking Steps to Reduce Your Environmental Impact?

Along with using green vendors, you should also find ways to improve your processes.

Solar panels are a great way to go green and cut costs. Solar energy is highly adaptable so you can use it for almost any application. It’s reliable and gives you a backup option during outages, which is good for productivity.

Taking these steps will allow you to market your organization as truly green. If you have questions about renewable technology, let us know. Connect Electric can answer questions and help you build an environmentally friendly company.