What to check before choose an e-commerce platform?

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce or doing business via the Internet. Gone are the days when people looked out for buildings to setup their firms and industries. Firms and individuals that have business entities now prefer marketing their products and services via the internet as the world has turned into a tech world.

Technology has brought ease to how a lot of activities were done, now things are automated and fewer humans are needed in the workplace. This has however brought in unemployment but on the other side given companies a competitive advantage. Companies end up producing more, they produce refined products and deliver on time as well.

With such outcomes, companies gain loyalty from their customers and their sales scale up as well.

3 Key Things to look for in an e-commerce platform

E-commerce platforms bring enormous advantages to companies and individuals doing business. This article will highlight three key things to look out for in an e-commerce platform.

Its Integrations

With various e-commerce platforms that are available on the net, an organization should look out for an e-commerce platform that integrates with its other online presence platforms. Integration is important as it will ensure that an organization or business productivity increases progressively. It also saves the company time in marketing itself online.

Since e-commerce platforms are used via the internet, an organization should ensure that they have a logo that resembles the one on their hardcopy merchandise. An organization can search for online logo design company to ensure that that they get a good logo. If it is a startup company the online logo design service could design a unique logo that would make the company stand out.

For existing companies, that perhaps had a logo that had already been put out to the public, their logo could get refined through the online logo design service. The company’s customers can be ascertained that the company is still the same by announcing that they are rebranding themselves. This could be put out through their social media platforms, emails to their customers, or via chats or short message service.

Some of the available e-commerce platforms are Shopify, wix.com, and site123. Organizations should ensure that the e-commerce platforms they choose to be on integrates with their social media presence, their email marketing, and any other application that facilitates their sales.

Ensure it is SEO- friendly

SEO stands for search engine optimization and this enables individuals or companies to appear on search engines such as Google. Now that the world has turned to technology for almost everything people do; customers turn to the internet to enquire what a company does. It is for such reasons that a company should ensure that the e-commerce platform they use, is SEO friendly.

A company’s target audience should easily find a company and what it does just by searching it via the internet. This can be enriched when a company takes the time to generate their company logo onlineas a logo can help a customer easily identify a company. When someone searches for a company via the web and puts the images option, the company’s logo should be one of the things that pop up.

In cases where a customer wanted to verify if the company they know or have ever bought for is the same, they will get to see the same company logo displayed. This similarity should be brought out by the online logo design company that designed the logo for you. To bring out the distinguishment to a customer that your company is not another, your company’s logo should stand out and look unique.

Ensure it is mobile friendly

Purchasing via the internet has become a trend. People no longer want to go out and shop physically. This was also heightened when COVID-19 came in and the World Health Organization gave rules that people should go out less than often and that social distance should be observed.

Mobile shopping has increased with people now doing their grocery shopping, clothes, malls to receiving services from companies and businesses. Companies that are creative in getting an online logohave a better chance of attracting customers. This is because customers tend to keep their customer retention to shops, malls, businesses, and companies that they have ever bought from the past.

It is for this reason that companies and businesses should ensure that their e-commerce platforms are mobile-friendly. A customer can hence easily purchase or order for a good or service via their mobile phones. This could be from the comfort of his or her home or office.


Technology advancement all over the world has made even companies have an enormous urge of having an online presence. This runs from small businesses to those that have gained popularity over the years.