Why Lanyards are Great for Marketing and Promotional Uses

Lanyards are fantastic for so many reasons! This sleek and simple ID card accessory takes your existing safety standards and enhances them, whilst also boosting your business through a myriad of other benefits. Whether you’re thinking about implementing ID cards into your business and you’re exploring your add on options, or your existing system is falling short of the mark, lanyards are going to be ideal for you. Beyond safety improvements, your lanyards are also going to kick your marketing and promotional efforts up a notch! Here’s how implementing lanyards will improve your marketing reach…

Brand Identity

A high quality customised lanyards are the perfect means of amplifying your brand. No matter what kind of business you’re in, you need to build a strong brand and that all starts with extending your identity. Developing logos, brand colours and designs will all accrue to make your company more recognisable, reputable and stylised. Personalise your lanyards with eye-catching tones, your company name, your logo or a combination of all these elements to amplify your brand.

Networking Opportunities

Custom lanyards can help to increase the impact of your networking efforts! Making new connections at events, meetings or at educational upskilling opportunities is a huge part of running a successful operation and expanding your horizons. A great means of ensuring that you and your employees are making the best impression possible is with uniform lanyards that reflect your brand. This is going to fortify the value of your business to your connections and make all of your interactions more memorable.


That slick, office look is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With casual work dress codes, flexible working hours and out of office arrangements, the professional team is fast evolving into an entirely different and new formation. The introduction of personalised lanyards will help to ensure that your team still looks like a team. Increased levels of professionalism will attract opportunities to your company in the forms of new business, clients and talent.

New Talent

The acquisition of new and invested talent can be really difficult. Your custom lanyards can actually help you to reach the right candidates for your company by displaying the value and benefits of being a part of your business whilst your staff are out and about. This can be at meetings, events, coffees, you name it! Talent will note your brand name and potentially reach out regarding potential opportunities, you never know!

Community Marketing

Community level marketing can be just as valuable as your big digital campaigns, never forget the power of local support! Displaying who you are and what you do to your local community will establish your company as a real part of the environment. You might connect with other companies just by heading round the corner for a coffee!

Location Identification

Lanyards alert other commuters and passers by as to where your business is located, which can be very useful as far as attracting new customers, clients and employees.

Other Benefits of Custom Lanyards…

Of course, custom lanyards will also support the safety and operation of your business. A tight security system is absolutely essential for any company, so this should be your first priority when you’re looking at investing in your business.