Common Causes of Pedestrian Accident in Seattle

According to the NHTSA, approximately 70,000 walkers are wounded in traffic crashes each year. Another 4,000 people are killed.

Injuries to pedestrians can occur in a variety of situations in the event of a car collision. These accidents frequently occur as a result of a driver’s failure to keep attention. However, they can occur when a pedestrian does not move in places designed for pedestrians.

Bad road conditions might also take a significant role.

So, whenever it relates to walking safely, what dangers should you eschew? And what actions should motorists avoid in order to avert fatalities? Investigating the most prevalent causes of pedestrian incidents may be beneficial.

Most common causes of Seattle pedestrian accident:

Because each personal injury situation is different, there are also an infinite number of probable causes for every pedestrian incident. There are, nevertheless, a few additional prevalent reasons for pedestrian incidents in which both motorists and walkers are engaged.


Excessive speed is among the most prevalent causes of all car incidents. It is quite simple for anyone to lose control of their speed and distance traveled. Many others, on the contrary, blatantly ignore speed restrictions from a contempt for the rules. Regardless matter why people accelerate, the danger of an accident remains the same.

Pedestrians are frequently struck because a car was moving too quickly, leaving the driver little time to stop or dodge a pedestrian. Due to the sheer greater velocity with which the car hits the person, this produces more severe injury when contrasted to other incident causes.


Drivers can get preoccupied while driving, putting walkers at risk. Busy driving may manifest itself in a variety of ways, each of which might influence an individual in a unique manner. Cognitive, physical, and optical distractions all impair your capacity to drive securely and leave others at risk of being engaged in a crash.

Drivers are most frequently involved in careless driving incidents as they use personal smartphones when running their automobiles. However, everything from snacking while riding to tweaking automobile controls can be deemed a harmful diversion and can hold someone accountable if they cause an accident.


Pedestrians who dash out into the road against the light or with an uncontrolled junction risk injury and death. A walker who is wounded while running a red light will often have a tough time bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the motorist who struck them.

Drug impairment:

According to data, marijuana liberalization in Washington province may be associated with an upsurge in pedestrian fatalities. Marijuana as well as other narcotics can impair both motorists and pedestrians, therefore it’s critical to identify whether a motorist or walker was impaired at the moment of the crash.

At night poor visibility:

Though drivers are responsible for keeping an eye out for walkers, those who stroll at nighttime must also render themselves more apparent to cars. Using bright or luminous clothes can help ensure that walkers are seen in automobiles.

Faulty road design:

When it relates to safe junctions, visibility is critical. However, transportation agencies occasionally deploy poorly-designed road elements – such as huge reinforcement pillars and beams – that can obstruct the vision of both automobiles and pedestrians.

Why does causation matter?

After a major collision, Washington county law allows injured walkers to file a personal disability lawsuit against the vehicle that struck them in order to recoup damages such as medical costs, lost income, and misery and distress.

It is critical to pinpoint the reason for the incident that wounded you in conjunction with determining the right at-fault entity. Discovering other contributing reasons to your incident may be vital as well, and there might be more possible defendants and critical evidence at stake.

Final thoughts:

Pedestrian incidents can result in significant injuries that might take months to heal. Given the characteristics of these crashes, unprotected pedestrians endure life-altering wounds in extreme circumstances, and pedestrian deaths are not unusual.

It might be for your greatest advantage to speak with a skilled personal injury lawyer to discover further about the constitutional rights as well as to assess whether you might advantage of legal counsel. For just a case analysis and legal assistance, contact a pedestrian accident lawyer in Seattle.