Email marketing in the gaming business: How to create news letters 2021

Online casinos use a variety of marketing strategies to attract and retain users. One of the most famous and influential methods is email marketing. The MOA gaming team has prepared a list of the best tips for creating a successful email marketing campaign for a gambling platform.

1. Create a mailing list

The first step for a quality email newsletter is building a database. This can be done using high converting pop-ups, inline forms, and landing pages.

It is also essential to develop a personalized CTA for different pages. Pop-ups are an excellent way to create a mailing list, but they shouldn’t bother your site visitors too much. It is worth setting them up for guests who have already spent some time on the platform while considering their behavior on the site.

2. Send a mailing

To make email marketing more effective, online casino marketers can follow some tips:

Interesting introduction.

Personalized greetings and addressing players by name are showing positive results. After the introduction, you should immediately go to the specific information that you want to convey without leaving it at the end of the letter.

Brand presentation

Present your brand so that players can immediately determine that the email came from your platform.

Correct title

A good headline is critical – it often determines whether recipients open an email. He should tell readers what the message is about but not reveal the whole point of the text. When writing a headline, it is essential to choose your words carefully not to fall under spam filters. Experienced email marketers also recommend using no more than 50 characters.

Analyze your audience

Emails should be sent to the target audience. It is essential to analyze what information to ship to new players and which emails are best for those who have been playing on the platform for a long time. It is also important to sort the information for departed players, high rollers, VIP players, slots, roulette fans, etc.

Define a goal

You should be sure about what you want to achieve with your email newsletter and create a CTA according to your goals. For example, suppose you inform players of new bonuses. In that case, the CTA can be set to “Get Bonus!” – so players will know exactly what awaits them after clicking on the link.

3. Submit your newsletter regularly

It is essential to keep players updated with the latest news, bonuses, games, etc. Create a schedule for directing emails, but try not to overdo it because the messages should not annoy players. Choose an appropriate time to send emails, considering that players usually visit online casinos in the evenings and weekends.

4. Avoid spam

It is necessary to send letters so that they are not sent to blocking. There are some essential tips for this:

do not use spam words in the text and heading;

do not use CAPS LOCK on all terms;

avoid bright color fonts;

post unsubscribe links in a prominent place;

don’t use too many exclamation marks.

5. Analyze efficiency

Analyzing your marketing campaign is another critical step to success. Pay attention to which headers lead to higher read rates, which days of the week and times are best for sending, considering the number of unsubscriptions, and analyzing other metrics.

This will significantly help you improve your newsletter. For example, knowing your strategy results, you can try sending messages to recipients who have not opened the letter but with a changed header.

Email marketing is an efficient tool used by online gambling platforms. Through well-designed campaigns, online casinos can bring back departed users, engage new ones, and inspire existing players to revisit the forum.