Follow These Steps to Increase Google Rankings in 2022

Your Google ranking matters. In fact, where you rank on Google can determine the actual success of your business and acquiring new customers this year.

More and more people rely on Google to tell them who is the best, where is the best and what is the best. And while it all may seem like the algorithm decides that for you, you can actually play a direct role in how your company performs from an SEO and Google ranking perspective.

Just ask digital marketing guru Kevin Miller, who has helped numerous big and small named companies increase their status in Google rankings and flourish as a result.

We get it, algorithms sound intimidating and Google can be overwhelming to many. But we are here to remind you that it is actually easier than you may think to increase your rankings in 2022 and give your company the best shot for success—regardless of what industry you are in!

That is why we have rounded up all the top tips to follow when it comes to increasing your Google ranking and optimizing your SEO performance.

1. Be consistent with your URL

Consistency is key when it comes to your URL and how it performs on Google. While the actual URL itself will be a minor factor in ranking, changing your URL frequently will likely impact your ranking performance. This is because when you change your URL, you risk breaking existing links that may have already been taken into account by the algorithm. And what’s more, the backlinks that you have used in SEO blog posts can also become broken, which will give you a red flag in the Google ranks. To create simple URLs that are logical, have your keywords and are strong enough to remain even as your company evolves.

2. Look at your actual ranking now

We know, it can feel scary. But your Google ranking status right now is important to know. Because you need to have a benchmark for understanding how you can grow and where is attainable for you and your business. To do this, you will want to Google yourself using the keywords that you think are relevant. If you do not show up in the first couple of pages, then this is a sign you will want to make some changes to get your ranking boosted. You can hire an SEO expert to help you come up with a game plan or use online tools that will point you in the right direction as well.

3. Evaluate your website

Not only do you want your website to have a simple and logical experience, but you will want to make sure that it loads quickly. The Google algorithms reward websites who have fast load times. So make sure your website does not have big files or videos that can cause delays. And make sure to check load time on both computers, tablets and smartphones. Making sure your website is both fast and accessible is key to Google ranking performance.

4. Get familiar with Google Analytics

Don’t be intimidated by this handy tool. In fact, this free tool will be able to give you real-time data that can help you enhance your website rankings significantly. The rankings are not only based on keywords and load time but also on how good of a user experience your website provides. This means that it is important for you to understand your current bounce rate, dwell times and conversion rates. These metrics are what play a role in your ranking and also the overall success of your business. So get on Google Analytics and start measuring your website results frequently.

5. Tag your website pages

Another way to help your website rank on Google is by ensuring that you have tagged each of your website pages. This helps show Google that you have an extensive range of unique content that is useful to the average user online. To use the right title tags on your website pages, make sure that you are including both your keywords and your brand name, as well as a useful description of what the website page is all about.

6. Don’t force it

Going up in the Google rankings takes time. It is not something that can simply be done overnight. So be patient, be consistent and know that great things take time. Make sure you are consistently checking in to see if your website ranking is getting any movement and do not be scared to try new things.

So go on, get your website ranked high this year with these six tips!