5 Tips on how Casinos make their brands stand out

As technology continues to evolve at impressive rates, casinos are now beginning to pay close attention to their brand culture. Add to that the ramp-up to increased online betting and casino brands, now more than ever, will have to try their best to stand out and capitalize on the significance of their marketing.

In an environment that has become crowded over the past several years, an effective branding strategy has become vital for the success of casinos. The challenge that most casinos are facing today is how to attract both experienced gaming patrons while nurturing the next generation of gamblers so that casino businesses can remain sustainable in the future.

So how do casinos make their brands stand out today?

Casinos position themselves as a one-stop-shop

Today, casinos are doing all they can to position themselves as a one-stop-shop for everything that a modern gambler would need. Aside from gambling, patrons also have access to drinks, food, and entertainment, which increases their likelihood of attracting more customers.

In the past, casinos tended to see the broader entertainment landscape as competition. However, the simple truth is that gamblers visit gambling destinations for more than just gambling. Casinos that are tapping into this expansive interest instead of competing against it are shining and experiencing more revenue growth.

A key target, in particular, is international visitors, who are more likely to spend more money and stay longer at a gambling destination compared to domestic gamblers. By keeping up with the seasonality of the foreign gambler’s travel plans, casinos can better speak and appeal to these customers. As such, foreign visitors are an extremely lucrative target for many casinos.

Casinos use corporate branding to stand out

A lot of casinos utilize corporate branding campaigns to stand out. Corporate branding is the act of promoting a casino’s brand name rather than promote the services or products it offers. Today’s gamblers are not only concerned with what brands say and do but also what they stand for.

For instance, MGM’s first-ever corporate brand campaign titled ‘’Welcome to the Show” helped to illustrate MGM Resorts’ know-how as the foremost global entertainment company in the gambling industry. With such a campaign, MGM was able to proactively manage perceptions and relationships that they have with their target customers while attracting new ones. It can also be helpful if the casino has celebrity endorsements.

Today, gamblers are savvier and more refined than they have ever been owing to their unprecedented access to information and each other. Today’s gambler possesses a healthy cynicism that demands a higher level of corporate transparency, which means that trust in casinos, both online and land-based is at an all-time low. It is no longer just about the services and offerings that casinos have, but also the corporate culture behind these services.  One thing they have to be aware of is the need for great design and branding for phone casinos as well.

Reward programs

Casinos utilize rewards programs as well as loyalty cards to track player habits while capturing their preferences so that they can, in turn, entice gamblers to play for longer or to return more often. These cards are also essential to casinos because they gather information about the players. Everything including how often gamblers play and which games they prefer to how much they spend and which food or beverages they purchase is recorded in most loyalty cards.

Gamblers with loyalty programs are encouraged to swipe their cards at machines and tables rather than use bills, tickets or coins. As soon as a card is swiped, it will notify the casino host exactly where the player is, how much they are winning or losing and even how quickly one presses slot machine buttons.

Because these cards notify the casino about the player’s preferences, casinos can create bespoke experiences for each gambler. For example, during betting, a host might show up with a vodka martini- or the player’s beverage of choice- to keep them betting.

Other things that are used to incentivize customers while making sure that the casino stands out from the competition include free or discounted nights at hotels, complimentary drinks, and meals, as well as points for spending money that can easily be redeemed. These perks vary from one casino to the next but they are all designed to make sure that patrons are betting for longer and with more money.

Celebrity casino endorsements

Word of mouth is usually a great way for casinos to attract new business. However, when casinos align themselves with a celebrity, they have an even better chance of succeeding. Celebrities have the power to influence thousands if not millions of gamblers. And with the increased popularity of social media, celebrity gambling endorsements have become a lot more rampant and easier to get.

Some of the best and most prominent casinos in the world partner up with celebrities to promote their brands. Well known celebrities such as Usain Bolt, Paris Hilton, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kayvan Novak, Mike Tyson and more have all endorsed their favorite casinos in one way or another.

Social media

When individuals research new casinos that they are interested in, one of the first places they turn to is social media. Having a strong social media presence allows casinos to stand out from the competition, which is why casinos frequently use social media to attract their customers.

Social media platforms are not only free, but they have a wide reach which allows casinos to attract as many prospective gamblers as possible. Through popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, casinos enjoy a wide array of opportunities to engage with customers while spreading their message to a large target audience.

Unlike in previous years before the advent of social media, casinos now have the chance to utilize the power of social media to reach more interested gamblers while effectively communicating with them. And it is not just social media. Through avenues such as blogging and mobile marketing, casinos now enjoy limitless ways to gather data about their customers as well as improve brand loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Casino brands are a dime in a dozen. Regardless of what a casino is offering, there is always another casino out there that can offer something similar. The truth is, casinos must do everything that they possibly can to stand out in the marketplace, and they can do so easily with a little innovation and by providing value.