Boomtown Analyzes the Best Sites for Live Roulette in 2021

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But your gambling winnings don’t! You bring that money back home with you but let’s hope that’s the only thing.  Have you ever yearned to experience the thrill of a live game without the debauchery that comes with a weekend in Vegas? That’s where online gambling comes in. In the past, most websites were either crooked or underwhelming since they were essentially pre-simulated video games, but now with the recent influx of live roulette tables only a click away, you can scratch that itch without scratching anything else. But don’t just believe me, take a look for yourself.

Mobile Phone Friendly

Whenever I don’t know the answer to something, my dad always says “Well, why don’t you look it up on your high-tech mobile device?” It’s true, we carry hand-held mini computers with us everywhere we go these days so they’ve made desktop computers or even laptops a cumbersome thing of the past. Many of these live roulette sites are available on your mobile phone. No need to be at home with your desktop or a place you can pull out and plug in your laptop. Got some extra time during your work commute? You can access live roulette tables with live dealers one-handed while balancing yourself on the crowded subway. Most offer mobile-friendly versions of the websites, but some live sites, like Mr. Green Casino, made it even easier by developing a dedicated app you can download directly to your phone or tablet.

    Who says “you need money to make money”? Some sites even allow players to gamble without account deposits. Talk about making things easy! Online roulette is just so accessible in 2021, it’s foolish not to at least give it the good ole’ college try.

Free Money

Yes, you read that correctly. I repeat this is not a test. FREE MONEY! Most live roulette sites offer welcome bonuses for new members. The amount varies but free money is free money! Live roulette tables at Ladbrokes Casino offers as much as 50£ as a welcome bonus but others such as Dundar Casino can offer up to 600£. And that’s the not even including the free spins thrown in as well. Not only can you make money while entertaining yourself, you also get free money to entertain yourself with! Honestly, a deal you can’t pass up.

Trusted Brands

Yea, we all have that distant “cousin” that emails us out of the blue asking for our account information to “inherit” their fortunes after they pass on. Unlike these scammers, all of the recommended live roulette sites are totally legit. They offer a secure payout system as well the security of a well-known, reputable brand name behind all your wins. Because these sites have such brand recognition, you can quickly look up player reviews on the sites along with experience customer support agents waiting to help you win money.

While their terms and conditions vary, their legality is completely vetted and authentic so no need to gamble in back alleys illegally. You can do it from the safety of your living room.

Games, Games, Games

Roulette may be your game but doesn’t everyone like a little variety these days? Not only do these sites offer twists on your traditional roulette game, but they also provide other commonly known fun live casino games as well. 888 Casino hosts a spread of various live casino games, so it’s virtually (no pun intended) impossible to get bored. Your odds are probably best at Roulette, but we all need to shake it up every once in a while. Don’t get stuck in a rut, change up your game!

Always Bet on Black

I’m fairly sure this is a falsehood, but it sounds catchy doesn’t it? Roulette is generally your best odds game, even for the most novice of players, so this doesn’t change with online live roulette sites. The thrill, money, earnings (and losses) are all exactly the same as they would be in Vegas reasonably sure there is only enough space in the world for one Rainman, so while your chances for winning don’t increase playing on live roulette website as opposed to traditional casinos, they certainly don’t decrease either. They float on by, remaining precisely the same.

    Well, that’s all folks! Now you have absolutely no reason not to go check out these amazingly easy, exciting and realistic live roulette websites. Just promise you won’t spend all your money in the same place, ya hear?