Discover the 10 Benefits of Practicing Sports

Experts and the media repeat this endlessly: playing sports regularly is very important for our health and well-being. But… what are really the benefits of physical exercise? Discover everything that sport can bring you and leave sedentary life behind, your personal and work life will be greatly benefited.

Goodbye to stress

No matter how difficult the day at school or work has been, sport is the best response to the stress that our body accumulates. And it is that exercising increases the concentration of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps our zebra to deal with stress. With just one walk at the end of the day you will be able to reduce all mental tension ??????.

Encourage healthy eating

When you play sports, your body needs certain nutrients as fuel to successfully cope with the activity. Thus, if you eat a bad diet, you will soon realize that your body does not receive the nutrients it needs and you will feel weak and your performance will be lower and lower. Therefore, little by little you will be forced almost without realizing it to eat a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and calories. You will soon notice that there is a close relationship between the two.

Increase self-confidence

Sport helps you feel good, to realize that every effort has its reward and the satisfaction of achieving it is unmatched. In addition, if you practice sports your body will be fitter and inevitably you will look better and your self-esteem will increase.

If it is outdoors, better

Playing sports in the air has many more benefits than doing it indoors. Fresh air and vitamin D from the sun helps us clear our minds, clear our lungs, and improve our mood.

Keep your brain capacities

Cognitive decline is inevitable, but it is in our power to slow it down. If you play sports and eat a balanced diet, especially between the ages of 25 and 45, you will be able to produce a series of chemicals in the brain that will help preserve your learning and memory abilities.

Sweet dreams

We all know that physical exercise drains our energy much more and it is easier for us to fall asleep after a good sport session. In addition, you will sleep much more deeply and the next morning you will feel totally new and full of energy.

Helps control addictions

Among the chemicals that our brain releases when we do sports, there is also dopamine, the compound that is produced in pleasant situations. Thus, when alcohol, drugs or sexual intercourse is consumed, this neurotransmitter is produced in large quantities, which leads many people to addiction. Thus, doing sports is very beneficial to obtain this chemical without the need for unhealthy practices. Additionally, short exercise sessions can distract those with addiction problems, helping them moderate withdrawal.

Increase productivity

Spending time daily to do physical exercise helps to develop our productivity. This is shown by some studies, which affirm that the most active workers have higher performance at work, being more productive, efficient and energetic.

Motivation dose

Achieving small goals that we set ourselves in the field of sport increases our motivation and awakens the desire to improve and surpass ourselves. In addition, this feeling of fullness is transferred to other areas of our life. lifetime. In addition to the obvious benefits on our self-esteem when we set small goals and achieve them.


Being aware of the breath when doing any physical activity allows us to adjust and calm the mind. Mindfulness applied to sport, that is, becoming aware of what is being done at all times, focusing our mind on breathing, helps this focus. This allows our emotions to flow and serve as a guide rather than an obstacle.

If we take a complete breath, that is, we breathe in three times: I hold my breath in one time, I expire in three times, and thus three times, we are consciously intervening in an automatic sequence of the body, and this allows us to get out of unpleasant emotional states and at the same time generating empowering spaces, explains Marcela Herrera.