How much do we know about Films and TV series gambling?

Nowadays, people like to watch movies and TV series more than ever as the world of entertainment is getting bigger and more comfortable to access. And there are movies and TV series of different genres like romance, thriller, animation, psychological thriller etc. And there are movies and TV series about different topics. There is a lot of movie and TV series which has been developed depending on the gambling storyline. And these films have turned out to be very successful movies and series. When people talk about movies or TV series about gambling, they think about poker and casino films. For detailed information, you can check out the BAO casino. And for a little more, you can take here.

The movie and TV series’s storylines are also different from each other through their central theme. Here we will discuss some of the great movies and TV series that must watch for a gambling movie lover.

  1. Casino: It is a film from 1995, which Martin Scorsese directed. It is a storyline of two casino gamblers who used to be best friends. One is a mafia enforcer. On the other hand, the other one is the casino executive who competes against each other to achieve the gambling empire.
  2. 21: It is a film directed by Robert Luketic. And it released in 2008, which is about six students who train to be experts in card tricks. And they win a lot in the casinos of Los Vegas.
  3. Rounders: It is a film by John Dahl, which released in 1998. A young guy returns to gambling poker so that he can help his friend pay his loan.
  4. Maverick: It is a movie by Richard Donner, which released in 1914. In this movie, Bret Maverick, who needed money for Poker Tournament, faces different obstacles in doing so.
  5. Hard Eight: It is a movie by Paul Thomas Anderson, which release in 1916. A professional Gambler named Sydney tries to teach another man professional gambling until that man falls in love.
  6. Smart Money: It is an old day classic of 1931, which the famous Alfred E. Green directed. It was a movie of 1 hour 21 minutes of run time. This movie shows that a Greek barber has some particular skill of playing poker, and soon, he makes enough money by involving himself in illegal gambling.
  7. Owning Mahowny: It is a film from 2003. A bank manager gets into a gambling problem and falls into a terrible situation due to his access to a multimillion-dollar account.
  8. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: It is an action-comedy and crime type film released in 1998. This film was written and also directed by Guy Ritchie.
  9. Casino royal: It is a film released in 2006. And it was a film by Martin Campbell, and Daniel Craig was the lead character of it. It was not that kind of casino-related film, but it is a film in which James bond try to take on terrorists of casino royal
  10. Las Vegas: It is a TV series of crime and drama based on the casino business of Las Vegas and continued for five seasons which started from 2003 to 2008. Garry Scott Thompson created it.

Besides all these, there are also different TV series and movies which were created based on gambling. Some of the themes are as below:

Some of the great Gambling Films

Name Year of Release IMDB Rating Director
1.The Color of Money 1986 7.0 Martin Scorsese
2.Now You See Me 2013 7.3 Louis Leterrier
3. Vegas Vacation 1997 6.0 Stephen Kessler
4. Lucky You 2007 5.9 Curtis Hanson
5. The cooler 2003 6.9 Wayne Kramer.

Some of the great Gambling TV series

Name Active years IMDB Rating
1.Poker after  Dark 2007- 7.7
2. High Stakes poker 2006- 9.0
3.The Casino 2004- 5.2
4. King of Vegas 2006- 6.6

So, here some of the famous names of the gambling films and TV series added. But there are still some series and movies which got missing, so for more information, one can check out the websites mentioned above.