3 Top Benefits of Electric Standing Desks over Other Types

There is enough research proving that excessive sitting is dangerous to your health. Also, you might have felt that a constant sedentary posture caused you to slow things down while working and lose productivity in the process. It is quite convincing that electric standing desks will address this health issue either in the office or at home.

But why go for electric versions? Aren’t they typically more expensive than their manual counterparts? Besides, don’t both types give the same benefits for generally the same function?

It is true that manual options like the crank or pneumatic desks pretty much work the same way as their electric equivalents. However, costs should not limit your choices away from electric standing desks. The truth is, many electric models are similar in price to crank desks and even substantially less than most pneumatic ones.

More importantly, you will be missing out on the following key benefits of an electric standing desk if you only factor in cost.


One immediate advantage of electric standing desks over other types is their unlimited stop points between the minimum and maximum heights. Thus, you can easily make precise adjustments anytime with the mere push of a button. That becomes very useful when a person has to keep on making several height adjustments in a day.

Unfortunately, such an option is not readily available with either crank or pneumatic desks. Making fine adjustments with those types are trickier and might require numerous attempts on your part before finding the optimal height for a specific task.


Cranked standing desks always require physical effort to adjust. Imagine yourself turning the crank every time you have to sit or stand while working. That is one workout you would find tedious and unnecessary, especially in the office.

Meanwhile, a pneumatic desk can indeed quickly go from the lowest to the highest position. Still, you will have to battle with its need for a counterbalance. That means not enough weight on its desktop will send it flying to your face once you release the mechanism. Too much will make it hardly budge.

On the other hand, as long as you do not go over the weight capacity, these are non-existent issues with electric standing desks.


It should be evident now that you will be spending a considerable amount of time adjusting manual standing desks. Every task will need the ideal height for you to work on it effectively and efficiently. But when you spend too much time finding the most comfortable height for every job, you lose on productivity, which is what you’re trying to avoid in the first place.

The combined benefits of electric standing desks in terms of accuracy and convenience equates to more time spent on the work at hand. You do not have to sweat out unnecessarily by turning a crank or tugging and pushing at your desk numerous times during the day. Lowering or raising your workspace to become more productive becomes a breeze with an electric standing desk.

Many might say that the choice for the right standing desk will ultimately depend on what you need, and they’re correct. One could also add that the options become better and more specific when considering effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. If you place great importance on these values in your workplace, then the investment for an electric standing desk is all worth it.