5 Paints For The Kitchen

Giving your kitchen a makeover can be all you need to transform it without essentially spending money on a renovation or dragging in new kitchen appliances. All you need is a repaint. But the paint color to be used must be carefully selected so that it not only connects your kitchen with every other space in the house but is also resistant to smoke/dirt and seriously heat-reducing. And while you may find it hard coming up with that next perfect color, I have done the work for you. Other than the 5 lucky paints for the kitchen shared below, if you are in Melbourne you may want to check out this house painting Melbourne contractor.

Lavender Swirls

If you want a timeless and glamorous painting that will make your kitchen grounded, this is for you. The idea encircles using two colors of paint. The first paint is applied to serve as a backdrop for the second which is applied in swirls or ocean-like manner. The most common color combination is cream and lavender. The first serves as the backdrop while the lavender is used for the swirls.

Dark Navy

Want to transform your kitchen into an elegantly moody cooking space? Opting for a dark-blue color paint is the way to go. It will not only give you a cozy feeling during your cooking times but dark-blue also has an illusory power that makes your space appear as blue to a specific color of lightbulb or black to some others.


Establishing quirkiness and uniqueness, and making your space upbeat while avoiding going over the top is achievable with the coral color. Being in your cooking area will be like being on a vacation all year round.

Red Wine

This is a color to pump up the beauty of your geometry tiles if that’s what you have got. The high-gloss red-wine paint with its fullness and boldness will add glamour and depth to your kitchen whilst bringing in the beauty and curiosity of reflections.

Gilded Gold Leaf

Finally, for all those who love the metallic feel of gold-painted or silver-painted walls, this gilded gold leaf color may be what you need for that new transformation. Just make sure your pieces of furniture are painted in down-to-earth colors like cream or white to avoid making the entire space overly flashy. But going flashy wouldn’t hurt, right?