7 Must-know Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

What’s more painful than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere inside a punctured, deflating fishing kayak?

To most people, it’s an AC system faulting out on a hot summer night.

In that case, calling in the repair guy may not be possible.

That is exactly why I have shared 7 AC problems and how to fix them down below.

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Fluctuating Airflow

If you notice a fluctuation or an inconsistency in the air flow from your HVAC system, here’s what is most likely to be the cause; clogged or dirty filters. Though, stopping your windows from letting in dust can be impossible, employing the benefits of a laminated door can limit the amount of dust and debris that get into your home, and ultimately into your AC. But in a situation where there’s already an accumulated dirt in your filters, dusting with your vacuum cleaner or a blower will do the trick. In some cases, however, the best thing to do stands to be a complete replacement of those dirt-clogged filters. Note; reach out to your manufacturer before changing anything in your systems.

Slow Cooling

For a window AC that is installed in a window which is the closest to the sun, here’s what is most likely to happen; your air conditioner is working hard to cool your space or it is otherwise blowing heat. Either way, isolating your unit from direct sunlight will save the day. Hack number one; make use of window blindings or curtains to block the heat coming from the sun. Or…a relocation of your HVAC unit to a shadier spot will be a more effective measure.

Disturbing Vibrations And Noises

The normal noise speculated for a functioning AC that is in right conditions is 30dB. If yours starts to vibrate annoyingly or it’s stopping you from sleeping at night, that might just be the result of a shift in position or that your system wasn’t installed properly. In the first case, activities that can possibly shift an installed AC out of position are; pets playing around, vibrations from the exterior (especially if you live in an industrial area), or any other mechanical activities. In the latter case, blame it on a failed installation contractor. So, here’s the way forward. Check to adjust your system to ensure that it is sitting properly in the window. You may also seek your user’s manual for the manufacturer’s step-by-step guide for adjustment and installation.  You may need learn more from Paper Point about die cutting to see what the issue is.

It Still Feels Hot Inside

If you have tried everything possible to no avail or that there’s no evidence that your AC has developed a fault but your home still feels hot inside, the problem might be linked to your window. Heat can leak in through the broken seals of your window and the best remedy to that is to reseal the leaking window. You can easily do this if you have a filler and a sander system at home. Just fill the cracks and sand them.