All in One IT Solution Provider for All Your Business Needs

Finding the best IT service provider for your business can be tricky especially when there are hundreds of them around. To make matters even worse for businesses, most of the IT service providers make tall claims but only few could back these claims up. HostNoc is the latest entrant in the market that is here to buck this trend with its IT services and solutions.

Will it be enough to help HOSTNOC steal the limelight and market share from the rest of its competition? Does HOSTNOC really deserve to be your next IT partner? Let us find out in full HOSTNOC review.


HOSTNOC is an innovative IT solution provider that provides diverse IT solutions to fulfill your dynamic business needs. Whether you are looking for a robust dedicated server, dependable web hosting or dedicated business VPN, HOSTNOC will not let you down. Could not manage your IT infrastructure in an efficient manner? Make the most of HOSTNOC’s managed services leave the rest to HOSTNOC team of seasoned IT management professionals.

With years of experiencing managing IT and cloud infrastructure of different companies belonging to different industries, hundreds of satisfied clients, and dozens of successful IT service management projects under the belt, HOSTNOC can be your trusted IT management partner.


  • Package for every business need
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Real time security monitoring and daily data backups


  • Few client testimonials
  • No free domain name
  • Unknown data center location

What Makes HOSTNOC Special?

Here is what makes differentiates HOSTNOC from other IT service providers

  • Daily data backup
  • IP traffic monitoring
  • Disk usage analysis
  • Port Monitoring
  • DDoS protection

Stop Worrying About Your Data

HOSTNOC is a clear winner when it comes to security features. Whether it is taking daily backup of user’s data, constant port monitoring or IP traffic monitoring, HOSTNOC security experts ensure the integrity, safety and privacy of your data so you don’t have to worry about your data getting stolen or misused. Throw in DDoS protection into the mix and you get formidable package

Unbeatable Price-Performance Ratio

HOSTNOC selects state of the art hardware for their servers, which help them deliver blazing fast performance and a buttery smooth user experience. That performance does not come at a steep price, thanks to HOSTNOC’s inexpensive packages. Whether you prioritize performance over everything else, looking for the best bang for your buck solution or want something in between, HOSTNOC has something for everyone.

Spoilt for Choice

Apart from a wide variety of packages to choose from, HOSTNOC lets you select your favorite operating system, software, server type, control panel, hardware configuration and much more. You can either go for Windows or Linux based servers or choose between hard disk drive, solid state drive and RAID configurations. Users can also go for shared, dedicated and VPS servers based on your needs and budget.

What We Offer

  1. Dedicated Server
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Server management
  4. Managed Cloud
  5. Business VPN

Dedicated Server

Ever dreamed of getting one of those high-performance dedicated servers at a fraction of a cost? HOSTNOC makes your dreams come true by offering dedicated servers at unbelievable prices. By offering top tier performance at a budget price, HOSTNOC makes dedicated servers accessible to small and mid-size businesses who could only dream of having a powerful dedicated server and all the perks comes with it. What if your needs are basic and do not need a dedicated server because it would be an overkill? HOSTNOC caters to your specific business needs with their shared and VPS server offerings.

Web Hosting

HOSTNOC delivers robust web hosting services so that your website always stays up and running. With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, you will not experience any downtime with HOSTNOC web hosting services. Unlike others, HOSTNOC do not skimp on computing resources and give clients more memory, disk space and bandwidth so your website runs smoothly even under heavy loads.

Server Management

Are you struggling to efficiently manage your IT infrastructure or do not have the resources and capabilities to handle your own servers? HOSTNOC server management services can be the right fit for your server management needs. HOSTNOC proficient team knows how to manage your IT infrastructure. Hundreds of satisfied clients, countless successful projects and years of IT management experience is the testament to their server management prowess.

Managed Cloud

Want to migrate your on-premise systems to the cloud or manage your existing cloud infrastructure? Let HOSTNOC’s cloud management specialists handle it for you. Managing public, private and hybrid clouds for different organizations belonging to different industries give HOSTNOC an edge in the cloud management space. Instead of taking control away from you, HOSTNOC puts you behind the steering wheel by giving you access to all the accessibility and control options.

Business VPN

Investing in HOSTNOC’s dedicated business VPN gives your team protection, enabling them to access geo restricted content and regain your online privacy. Access your company resources remotely and securely with HOSTNOC’s dedicated business VPN. HOSTNOC offers a dedicated IP address and private server so you can keep your browsing sessions private. Thankfully, HOSTNOC dedicated business works in the background without negatively impacting your internet speed and bandwidth.