Essential School Stationery for Back to School Season

Back to school season may be an exciting time for some, and perhaps not as exciting for others. Whatever your sentiment may be, the new semester is inevitable and with it comes preparations. Apart from the school-related matters like enrolment and whatnot, it will be helpful to prepare other things that may be useful for you once you get back into your daily routine.

Preparing for school does not have to be boring, it can be made exciting in the simplest ways. With something as basic as choosing fun stationery, for example, you can get more motivated–more so if you enjoy note-taking or keeping your files organised!

During the back to school season, however, stationery stores and bookstores get incredibly crowded. With people at virtually every corner you turn, shopping can switch from fun to stressful and difficult, especially with everything scattered everywhere.

To make sure you get all the things you need in one visit, you should prepare a checklist of the things you need. This way, you will not have to deal with the hassles of going back to the bookstore for a single pen or eraser. Whether it’s your favourite Winc stationery or ballpoint pen, it can be easy to forget what you need, so knowing the essentials will be beneficial.

Writing: Pens and Pencils

Pens and pencils are the holy grail of your school stationery. You need them for almost everything you do in school, so having one of each at all times is crucial. If possible, try to have at least two pens with you so that you can have a back-up in case one runs out of ink.

Likewise, it will be useful to have a stock of extra pens at home so you can minimise the number of trips you take to the stationery store. Many brands like Winc stationery carry boxes of pens in 10s or 12s, so having a box with you will be useful for your entire semester. Likewise, look out for quality supplies since these will save you more money in the long run.

Erasing: Erasers and Correction Fluids

Naturally, you will also need erasers and correction fluids to erase any mistakes you might make when writing. Having these supplies will help you keep your notes and answers neat and easy to understand, especially when you go back to them later.

Note-taking: Notebook, Highlighter, and Sticky Notes

Having a good notebook will ensure that your notes stay intact throughout the whole semester. There are so many ways you can go about taking your notes, and it’s all a matter of preference. For example, you can get separate notebooks for each of your subjects or use loose-leaf paper and combine them all in a ring binder.

While a good notebook and pen are usually enough for taking notes, you can also make use of other supplies like highlighters, sticky notes, or sticky tabs. These additional supplies will help you keep track of reminders or things you need to do, as well as highlight important parts of your lessons in your notes.

Organising: Folders, Staplers, and Paper Clips

Office supplies will also come in handy, especially since you will be dealing with so many papers from different subjects. Storing your papers loosely in your bag runs the risk of you losing important documents, so having a small stapler or paper clips onhand will prevent this from happening. If you prefer a more organised system, you can also get sliding folders or clipboard folders to keep all your papers stable in one place.

Author:  Jessica Ellen