How To Choose A Truck Moving Company; Step-by-step

Choosing a truck moving company can be a daunting task from having your things properly secured and protecting yourself from undue charges. 

A moving day is restless and stressful, the encumbrance of trying to move your load by you and your friends can be averted by hiring a moving company. If you have the money, it is quite much of a relief to hire a mover. 

Below are what to consider before hiring a truck moving company

Make no mistake, you can run to your map and search “truck moving company around me”, you will see a ton but don’t fall for it. There are many stories about those moving companies that are quite appalling which if not considered is tantamount to you doing yourself a disservice. 

To avoid unnecessary hassle and bickering, I shall aid you on the steps to take in hiring a truck moving company. Also, I recommend this awesome website to find your truck moving company.

Seek for recommendations 

A search engine may not be the right choice for this but your relatives and friends are sure to go to it. 

At least one of your friends would have hired a moving company in the past and even around where your live, your neighbors would have too. It may be that your highly hyped truck moving company because of the adverts is typically a bad company per se, hence why you need past experiences of people you trust. 

Consider the Company’s Review 

The best way to know a company’s integrity is through their interactions and relationships with their clients or customers. After you’ve gotten your recommendation and a few lists, search for their online presence. People tend to leave their reviews on the company website depending on their experience be it good or bad. 

You can get any truck moving company reviews around you on You sure know what to do afterward, we all like good reviews. 

Records Over Time 

One thing you should consider is the years of existence of the moving company. It is not much important but it is quite easy to get the facts of an old company than that of a new one. Though you can choose a new company over an old company only if you’ve satisfying recommendations about them. 

From the information you’ve gotten online, you will be able to know how timely and efficient they are. The cost per trip (fair rates) and maintenance of the conditions of possessions. Remember, competency over every other thing. 

Licensed and Insured Company

For the sake of yourself and to avoid the irrelevant suit, seek for insured and licensed truck moving company. Anybody can get a truck and call himself or themselves a truck moving company. It is for you to discern their legal status. 

Ask for their license and certification and their insurance status as it is only a legal company that is legally bounded to protect your properties. 

Interstate movers are expected to register with the U.S Department of Transportation after which they will be given a unique USDOT number. 

To know if a company has a valid DOT number and is properly insured, check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database.


Ensure the company offers transparent rates by itemizing what constitutes extra charges or fees. And lastly, make sure, the company can cater to your needs; having the required truck size for all your loads, provision of additional packing supplies, and if they can be available at your convenient time.