How To Optimize Google Maps (URL)

Google Maps is one of the most important factors for getting better organic results, more exposure and better quality leads and sales. Unfortunately, too many businesses – big and small – ignore its potential and do not consider it part of their overall SEO campaign.

But if you were to take the time to optimize your Google Maps, it can lead to a significant increase in your business’ operations and profitability. It should always be considered part of your overall campaign strategy.

If you think it’s overly difficult to do it, then think of it like this: Google Maps marketing is merely optimizing your business presence on Google Maps. Just like you would optimize your website, you do the same for your Google Maps profile.

How do you do it?

Let’s show you.

How To Optimize My Google Maps Listing

There are a few key techniques that you can implement to ensure that you rank for your Google Maps, which will lead to higher rankings, better quality traffic, and more conversions. Here is how you can do it:

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Probably, the most important step in Google Maps is the optimization of your Google My Business profile (GMB). Much like a social media profile or account, this acts as yours for Google searches and Maps. You’ll have to fill in the details, provide as much information as possible and optimize the account with the relevant keywords and NAP details (name-address-phone number).

If you don’t have a GMB, then you can create one through Google. However, make sure that you only have one profile; multiple accounts might harm your rankings, as it looks like you’re spamming Google.

Claim & Optimize Your Maps Listing

Much like your GMB, you can claim your Maps listing through Google. All you have to do is simply go to your Maps Listing (either through your GMB or Google itself) and click on the button to take you through the necessary steps to take control of that listing. Once you follow the prompts and confirm your identity, then it’s all yours for the future.

From there, it’s a simple step: optimize it effectively so that you can generate the search results you expect.

Get Your Google My Business Profile Verified

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That little tick on your GMB? That’s a great sign to showcase that your business is indeed authentic and official. Verifying your business will increase your visibility on Google and further boost your brand awareness and appeal. All you need to do is verify your business through email, phone or mail. It’s a huge boost to your Maps marketing efforts.

Use Local SEO Tactics

Google Maps marketing is all about making the most of local SEO ( So it’s up to you to ensure you do the same with your profile and website. That means using localized keywords, terms and phrases within your GMB to rank on the Map. This includes your business description, category tags, industry, business name and comments.

If you were to type in a specific local-based keyword – e.g., lawyers in Edmonton – and if you have implemented the localized keyword properly, you should rank it. It’s about focusing your overall keyword on being more local and using it throughout your website and profiles.

Get Interact With Your Users

The more you use your GMB profile and Maps listing, the better it will be for your overall campaign. That includes posting updates about your business, blog posts and even external links to guest blogs on other sites (that you wrote). Most importantly, it’s about you interacting with your users through responding to their comments.

Customers appreciate a friendly “thanks” or “come back soon” after they’ve taken the time to sing your praises. But responding to negative reviews is also beneficial. Explain how you can help them going forward, and apologize for any inconvenience. Even if the customer isn’t happy with the response, the interaction is the most important part.