Potential Complications That Occur After A Dog Bite

Thousands of dog bite cases are reported every year in the US. While there are strict rules for pet owners and handlers, sometimes they cannot control the animal or are too negligent towards its problematic behavior. For example, the dog might bite you for example, the dog might not be well trained, it might be scared of you, or it might be going through a disease or illness. If you live in a residential locality, you can file a report against the dog owner if there have been any previous dog bite cases.

Dog bites are not just painful and uncomfortable; you also have to deal with medications like pills and injections to rule out any further complications in your body. Nevertheless, these treatments are expensive, and you will need financial aid to heal completely from the animal bits. Therefore, following a dog bite, get in touch with a Bellevue personal injury lawyer as quickly as you can.

Potential complications that occur after a dog bite


One of the most frequent ailments or side effects that dog bite victims go through is body deformity. Generally, body disfigurement occurs when an enormous dog bites a human being with extreme force. This creates a severe injury on the affected body, and while the wound will heal with time, the marks remain for a lifetime. In some cases, if the dog bite is too strong, the person might experience crushing bones in their fingers or toes.

While these instances are pretty rare in America and all over the world, there have been dog bite cases where the animal has bitten the entire limbs of minor children. Other than that, facial and other bodily injuries from dog bites leave permanent marks or scars on the victim’s body.


Another typical illness that can be contracted from an animal bite on a human is rabies. While rabies is commonly seen in dog bites, it can also happen with other animal bites like cats. While most pet animals, including dogs, are vaccinated to avoid rabi, if you are bitten by a street dog or an abandoned one, which the local authorities have not treated, there is a chance you can catch the disease.

Rabies is a highly harmful disease for all mammals. It causes acute inflammation in the brain, and one must be treated immediately with an anti-rabies treatment if they are bitten or scratched by a non-vaccinated dog or animal.