Tips for Using Red Carpet Runner for your Special Event

Using a red carpet runner for a special event is fun. Red carpet events are often sophisticated occasions full of glamor since they feature fashion models, celebrities, prominent politicians, sports icons, and heads of state, among others. The most famous red carpet events are Grammy and Emmy awards festivals, the Oscars, sporting awards ceremonies, movie premiers, and more. A red carpet event can be organized for any occasion as long it’s about fame. Using the red carpet may seem like a celebrity endorsement.

Red carpet runners make events look unique. Before, red carpet events were only meant for distinguished people. But today, even ordinary people can create their own red carpet event.

Here are tips for using the red carpet runner for your special event:

When Sending Out Invitations

When sending out the invitations for your red carpet runner event, let your guest list be limited to your chosen venue and budget.

Your invitation should include details such as the event location, time, and dress code. You should also let the guests know whether they will have dinner, lunch, or a light snack.

You can send out invitations through email or make a phone call to invite your friend to your red carpet party.

Selecting the Dress Code

Red carpet events are never without a fashion statement. For your party, you can decide to make it a black-tie event. Let the men come wearing tuxedos and the women adorning in sparkly gowns. You are the only one who can select the theme of the party. For example, you can go for casual attire or western wear.  You can even require some stylish accessories like a cool pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Since people get intrigued when they hear it’s a red carpet party, they want to stand out. A lot of photos from the event will be trending on social media. That is why your dress code should be comfortable enough to leave a mark.

The Red Carpet Runner

Since it is a red carpet event, there should be an actual red carpet runner. The red carpet should be long enough for guests to walk over it in style. Roll it out, starting from the entry to the entrance of the event.

If the party is held in your house, run the red carpet from the doorway to the curb.

If it is at a different venue like a theater or ballroom, let the carpet length be extensive to add some drama and action before the real party begins.

To make the carpet walk extra special, you can have posts and velvet ropes (stanchions) placed on each side of the carpet. It will be much fun as your guests push behind the ropes and the paparazzi frenzy taking place. Add some twinkling lights to add to the fun.

You can also add some intimidation to the event by hiring a couple of ‘men in black’ to offer protection to the guests during the event.

Add some glamor to the occasion by having a celebrity look-alike as the red carpet guest interviewer. Let all the interviews be recorded while the guests are walking towards the entrance. It will look just like all the televised red carpet events seen on TV.

Setting Up the Red Carpet Décor

A red carpet event requires a red carpet décor to match. Star-shaped helium balloons are known to create a fun atmosphere in any fun event. Add plenty of gold accents like streamers and metallic ribbons, cardboard cutouts of sports stars or celebrities. Include a cut-out of the party host too.

For dinner set up, sprinkle metallic star confetti on the tables. Decorate the walls with posters of the event theme.

Serving Food and Drinks at Your Red Carpet Event

After the guests have walked the red carpet, greet them with sparkling water or champagne. You can rent a champagne fountain and let them help themselves.

Allow three to four hours of food and drinks. Outside catering would be the best option at this juncture.

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Red Carpet Runner Entertainment

You can have your guests sit down and watch the Oscars broadcast or the Academy Award games. Set up plenty of projectors and screens in the entertainment hall. Place enough television monitors and ensure the sound system is in check.

Getting a live DJ to entertain the guests is also a brilliant idea. You should already have set up a dance floor where the quests will dance their night away.

Step and Repeat Banner

For your special event, you can create a step and repeat banner to give your guests an experience of a lifetime taking their pictures. Your beautiful backdrop can be custom printed with a personalized message about the event.

Your guests will be able to stand in front of your personalized backdrop and have fun getting their photos taken.

The Giveaways

Your red carpet event will only be complete when your guests take home bags full of goodies. In this way, they will never forget this special occasion you shared with them. Put their token gifts in a themed gift bag, including pictures of you in front of your step and repeat banner. The gifts can be chocolates, movie passes, and mini liquor bottles, among many others. You don’t have to give out expensive gifts.


Using a red carpet runner for your special event is an excellent theme to celebrate your day and walk the red runway in style. By adding your custom step and repeat background, you will be creating a grand entrance to your party. All the guests will remember your party for a very long time.