What are the types of US Visas?

Nowadays, many people want to experience America. It includes study, work, business, and even vacation. Thus, unlike other nations, America requires an endorsement, like an E2 and L1 visa, before entering. The American embassy is strict with the people that want to join the US. For that reason, they make restrictions and policies to the people who have an interest in stepping in their land.

Moreover, US endorsements are not similar to one another. Yes, that is right. When applying for an American visa, your reason is the key to determine the proper access for you. There are a lot of different endorsements in America. And it depends on the reason why you need to enter that country. In that case, if you have an interest in familiarizing yourself with some of it. Keep on navigating this article.

Notably, this article contains a list of some American endorsements that you need to request before entering the US. Each of these affidavits owns a category and types based on what you preferred and required to provide. Thus, all of it can help you to get permission to enter America. However, you need to prepare the documents that are necessary for your endorsement request.

Knowing more about it joins us as we share the information about some of the American visa list that is commonly requested. Let us move forward and explore the details behind each of them. And know the requirements that you might need to prepare. Let’s get started!

Types of American Visas

Some of you might not know about the existence of various American visas. For that reason, we make this article to inform you and share with you the possible endorsement that you can apply to in the US. This section contains a list of some main types of American visas. Each of them has categories that you might want to familiarize yourself with. It includes the following;

Visitor’s Visas

If you want to go to America to visit your loved ones for about six months maximum, this endorsement is for you. It also divided into;

  • B1 visa for business visits
  • B2 is for tourism visitors

Student Visas

This endorsement is for the students of academic and vocational purposes. The F and M visas are the primary affidavits that you might get when applying for this. Either of F1 and M1, you can request an application depending on your school and your field of study. Below are the categories that might include in your option;

  • F1 endorsement for the students
  • F2 is for dependents of F1 endorsement holder
  • M1 is for the vocational purposes

Exchange Visitor Visas

This endorsement is for the individuals participating in exchange programs and various types of practical training and employment inside America. It consists of the following types;

  • J1 visa
  • Q visa

Temporary Work Visas

This affidavit is for the people who have temporary work in America. It also has categories;

  • H1B visa is for the individual who works in highly specialized fields.
  • H1B1 visa is for Chile and Singapore nationals.
  • H-2A visa is for the people who are temporary agricultural workers from selected countries in whom the US has some interest.
  • H-2B approval is for the temporary, seasonal workers who do non-agricultural work.
  • H-3 approval is for the people who want to take advantage of training and education opportunities.
  • The L1 visa is for the intracompany manager, executives, and person with specialized knowledge about the American corporation.
  • O approvals is also a great endorsement that you might want to get. It is for the people who have an outstanding ability in Arts, Business, Science, Education, or Athletics and want to work in their field of enterprise temporarily. It includes the following types;
  • O1 is an endorsement for a person with exceptional abilities.
  • O2 is for the assistants of the O1 approval holder.
  • O3 is for dependents of the O1 approval holder.

P visas

This approval is for the sportspersons and their coaching teams.


It is for the religious workers who want to practice under America in ministerial capacities.

TN/TC endorsement

It is for Canada or Mexico nationality, working in the NAFTA corporation.

E3 affidavit

It is for Australian nationals who will be working in a specialty occupation.

I visa

It is for the representatives of foreign media and journalists part of the press, radio, film, or print industries visiting the US to work or participate in educational media practices.

Treaty Trader and Investor Endorsement or E visas

This affidavit is for the treaties of commerce and navigating in America. It also consists of two types;

  • E1 for treaty trader endorsement.
  • E2 for treaty investor endorsement.

Diplomatic and Official Visas

It includes the following;

  • A1 approval for the diplomats or foreign government officials traveling to America on official duties or representing their government. If you are fond of traveling, you also need to read the Travel Insurance reviews to determine the right travel insurance company that meets your needs and requirements.
  • A2 NATO1-6 affidavit id only for the foreign military personnel who needs to serve or deploy in America
  • G-1 to G-5 endorsement is for the people who are working in an international corporation in America. And for some people who will work for NATO will get NATO approval.

Victims of crime and Human Trafficking Visas

It is part of the following endorsements;

T visa

It is for the victims of human trafficking who get severe trauma and can also investigate crimes that include human trafficking.

U visa

It is a kind of affidavit for those who become victims of a specific criminal’s activities and need to investigate or prosecute those criminals.

Immediate Relative and Family Sponsored Endorsements

It also has some categories;

F2A and F2B

It is for the families of Lawful Permanent Residents, especially their spouses, minor children, or unmarried sons and daughters aged 21 above.


It is for unmarried children under 21 years old.


It is for the parents of US citizens who are at least 21 years old.


It is for unmarried sons and daughters and their minor children.


It is for married sons and daughters and their minor children.


It is for brothers and sisters of US citizens and their spouses and minor children.

IR3, IH3, IR4, IH4

These endorsements are for the children with foreign nationals who the American citizen parents will adopt.


It is for the Iraq and Afghan citizens who will be working for or on behalf of the US government and gat Special Immigrant Visas.

Given that there are approximately 185 American Visas, they are also grouped into two primary categories. It includes the following;


It is an endorsement for not permanent visits to America such as business, employment, tourism, study, and family visit.


It is for those people who will move permanently to America under immigrant investor schemes of family reunion.


Here we go. That is the information that we want to share with you. All of the data that we provide contains a crucial role in achieving the specific American endorsement that you need. Each of these affidavits is essential to access permission to enter the US. Thus, the procedure takes time to be efficient and reliable.

However, it is worth waiting for. As a result, you can enter America without any problems. As you know, immigration can grant you a specific visa if you complete your requirements before the deadline. They can process your documents and make a verdict on time or ahead of time. They can provide you the endorsement you need if there is no problem with your provided papers.

We are grateful to give you the information above. We hope that this data can guide you in preparing your endorsement application. Thank you, and have a nice day!