When Reviews That Boost Your Sales Are Deleted by Amazon…

You’re working hard to impress Amazon buyers and boost your sales. You do everything by the book, address each and every customer’s issue, build bridges even with the most hypercritical buyers, sell 100% authentic products and FINALLY get positive reviews. You’re so excited about the positivity that flies around your account, that you start working even harder, but…

But as always, something goes wrong and you suddenly lose all those reviews you were working for. Why? Well, Amazon does that sometimes, and it has its reasons. So, if you want to avoid similar situations and boost your store’s marketing, then you definitely have to know about this!

Surprised? Don’t be! 

Amazon is one of the strictest eCommerce platforms and the existing policies are pretty severe. If you’re a seller and haven’t scrutinized Amazon policies yet, then it’s the perfect time to do so, because you surely don’t want to face the merciless side of Amazon. 

“Why On Earth Does Amazon Remove My Reviews?”

There are several reasons for that and each of them is quite logical from Amazon’s perspective. But let’s forget about the logic and look at this situation from the eyes of sellers – suffering from the intensity of Amazon’s punishments! Let’s not beat around the bush, and get straight to the point. So, these are the main reasons that drive Amazon crazy and make it remove all your reviews:

Software, It Ruins Everything!

As you may know, everything on Amazon works with the help of special software. It is used whenever Amazon wants to verify its sellers, make sure they are completely legitimate and reliable. The software itself is able to detect reviews with doubtful and cynical words and expressions, which mostly exist in reviews generated by special services. 


Another reason that can result in losing your reviews is the existence of unverified reviews. If your listings are full of unverified reviews, then you risk having no positive reviews at all! If you still don’t understand how the system works, let’s understand what an Amazon verified purchase is. 

According to the platform, an “Amazon Verified Purchase” review means we’’ve (Amazon) verified that the person writing the review purchased the product at Amazon and didn’t receive the product at a deep discount.”

This means that you will look very suspicious in the eyes of Amazon, and that you will risk losing your reviews. 

There’s One More Thing…

Even though it hurts a ton when you’re working hard and still have your reviews deleted from your store, it’s something that should trigger a red flag in your mind. Consider the removal of your reviews as a warning from Amazon: it warns you about the potential issue that exists on your account. If you ignore the signs that Amazon sends you from above, the next thing will be an Amazon suspension! In other words, if you don’t want to find your Amazon account suspended, make sure you listen to Amazon!