How To Choose The Best Litter Box for Your Cat

You just got a cat? Congratulations! Cats are so lovely!

Cats are amazing creatures. They are naturally neat and simple animals, so you might have just escaped having a mess in undesirable places like in your bed or couch.

However, you do have to play a role to ensure all-round neatness. Get your cat a litter box.

Now that you have gotten your cat before you rush out of the pet store, you have to purchase a sandbox too.

Choosing a litter box for your new cat.

You might think you will save some money by getting to know your cat’s preferences before you purchase a sandbox, but this only encourages bad habits in your cat, especially if you are getting a kitten.

How do you then know the best sandbox for your cat?

In this article, we would discuss How to choose the best litter box for your cat.

When it comes to choosing a sandbox for your cat, you don’t necessarily have to take chances by playing the guessing game. Here are a few things you need to note before making a choice:

1. YOUR CAT SHOULD FIT INTO IT: A big cat will love a spacious sandbox it can turn around in and a kitten would prefer a smaller one. You should read this detailed review.

2.YOUR CAT SHOULD BE ABLE TO CLIMB INTO IT: This depends on the size of your cat because you want to ensure it can climb into the sandbox without stress. If your cat cannot get into the box, it would go elsewhere. Smaller edges would be perfect for kittens and cats with disabilities while larger cats would get into sandboxes with higher sides with ease.

3. GET MULTIPLE BOXES:  Never make the mistake of getting just one sandbox. Always have at least one extra. If you are guessing as to which kind of sandbox your cat would like, now is the time for you to find out. By purchasing varying multiple sandboxes, you get to know which kind your cat prefers, without taking more than one trip to the store.

4. ALWAYS SKIP LINERS: Never mind the fact that liners make the sandbox easier to clean, the fact is most cats do not like the feel of liners. If your cat isn’t comfortable in the sandbox, it will probably skip its use and you know what happens after that.

5. DO NOT CHOOSE A SELF-CLEANING BOX: Yes, you want to get more chores off your hands, everybody likes ease and comfort, but cats get scared easily. The sound of a machine in their sandbox would most likely scare them away from it, thereby abandoning its use.

Conclusion. Either you have gotten your cat, you’re just about to, or you are a cat owner worried about why your cat keeps messing up your bed and/or couch. I am positive this article will aid your choice of the perfect litter box for your new furry little friend.