How to complement Traditional Marketing with Digital Strategies

Companies that have started after the digital boom hardly understand traditional marketing. But as strange as it may seem to them, it is also true that some companies still solely use traditional marketing, in order to be seen. For them, this article will be quite useful, to understand how they can add to what they are already doing to get visibility, but this time online.

Entering into Digital Marketing: A Difficult Step for Some Entrepreneurs

Companies using mostly printed ads in newspapers and magazines or TV advertisements, sometimes have a difficult time understanding how to get the visibility they need, on the internet. They even often feel pushed into digital marketing, in a way that rebukes them. As if they had to get on board or leave the business field. That can be an aggravating sensation for an entrepreneur, no matter what their business is about, simply because they are leaders, and this type of personality doesn’t like to be told what to do.

But there is a smoother way to get into digital marketing, when you are new to it. The solution is to call upon specialists that can teach and lead you where you need to go. Learning is great, and business people love to know everything. Therefore, it is the easiest way to get them into online marketing. A website like will give first lessons to entrepreneur, in regards to everything that has to do with digital marketing, starting from building or refreshing a website, to creating an SEO campaign.

What are the Different Digital Marketing Channels needed?

When you enter into online marketing, there are two basic elements that you need to take into account: Paid advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). The first one will serve the same purpose as in traditional marketing, to enable you to be seen wherever your potential customers are. However, in this case, you will be buying key words, that will position your company where you need it to be. In the second case, you need to invest time and money in links around the web, so that the Google search engine can find your information. If it comes in contact with it often, it will consider your company to be the most interesting for people to see, regarding a particular subject. That process is done through SEO.

However, your online presence should already exist through the form of a website, which needs to be clear, to load fast and to offer a great customer experience. Inside your website you will need to insert key words on which you will base your advertising on. They are the ones that people will use to search for a service or product similar to yours. Websites are meant to be worked on and refreshed constantly. A stagnant website will discourage the Google bots. Once all that is done, you can start focusing on other digital strategies, which are: Content marketing, paid and organic social media, Google Business Profile and email campaigns.

Keep in mind that your business needs good reviews, if it wants to survive. Online, it takes time to build notoriety, but much less to have it destroyed. So, always worry about making sure that your customer service is of a high-quality.