How To Hire An Accounting Rockstar For Your Business

Employers across the country need to hire the best employees they can find. If your needs include degreed, certified professionals, your job search may need to go global. However, with a focused search and a lucrative offer, you can find an accounting rockstar for your business.

Focus On Freelancers

If you have a sizable depreciation project or some forensic accounting work done, consider hiring a freelancer to tackle that project and meet with them to discuss their processes. While accountants have fairly strict rules they need to stick to, there is still a great deal of creative problem-solving that needs to be done.

If you can find a terrific freelancer with the training you need, you may need to do a bit of legwork to hire them for full or part-time work. For example, they may have the degree necessary but not have the required state certifications. They may have let their certification lapse and need to pay to re-test. However, your investment of time and possibly resources in their certifications could add a highly skilled rockstar to your roster.

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Start With Students

For those who have been thinking about starting an internship program, it’s time to act. College students are facing a great deal of uncertainty. If you can offer them the security of a small stipend and the chance of a job when they’re done with school, you may find that the best and brightest will recruit you.

Loop your current employees in. Note which interns

  • learn the software quickly
  • transfer learning from one project to the next
  • have the best work habits

People who truly know their working style build great work habits. If your brain is energized but not focused in the morning, you will leave your desk in such a way you can hop right back into a project in the morning. Those who need to start the day with a little socialization will likely come in a bit earlier. Some of these practices can be taught, but an intern with strong self-awareness and healthy work habits will be a rockstar employee.

Use A Recruiting Service

If your market for new accountants is already pretty tight, it may be time to enlist accounting recruiters who can expand your search. When you reach out to these recruiters, understand that you may need to provide additional support or incentives.

For example, you may well need to offer the option for remote work. If you require a new accountant to work from your sticks and bricks, you will probably need to offer a moving stipend and assistance in finding a house. No matter your ultimate goal for this employee, you will probably need to sweeten the offer in unique ways to bring in a rockstar.

Study Your Market

If a competitor has added to their staff and you’re hearing or seeing really good things about these new folks, it may be time to find out more. For example, you’ll need to know if your competitor

  • has bumped up salaries across the board
  • greatly upgraded their benefits package
  • offered other incentives, such as a partial ownership option

Should you find that salaries have been bumped up across the board in an effort to increase the visibility of the employer and the desirability of a job there, you may need to increase current salaries and offer new employees a bonus.

Check-in With Your Employees

Finally, use your own employees as recruiters. You may have an employee who has a college buddy moving back to town. Your interns may have friends who didn’t enjoy their internships. Just because you didn’t sign the rockstar the first time around doesn’t mean you can’t get them next time.

If you have employees who are eager to recommend their friends, it’s time to give HR and your supervisors a pat on the back. Inviting a friend to come to apply where you work can be fraught with challenges; your employees really have to feel both valued and safe in your employ to recommend it to others.

Hiring a rockstar can do a great deal for your bottom line. Do take care to continue to demonstrate how much you value current employees. Resentment can follow rockstars and damage morale.