Italian Citizenship For Business Leaders- How To Leverage Investor Visa

Italy has a favorable climate for international businesses. It has extensive markets, feasible tax norms, and easy trade laws. Additionally, the proximity to the EU markets is another attractive feature for entrepreneurs. Not surprisingly, business leaders see the country as the land of opportunity. While the country has multiple immigration routes, getting in may not be easy without ancestral connections or marital ties. Experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend an Italian investor visa as the best option for global business leaders. Let us explain how you can leverage it as the first step for Italian citizenship.

Get in with investment

From an eligibility perspective, money is the main thing you need for immigrating to Italy through an investor visa. Business leaders often have high net worth, so a massive investment is not a problem. The good part is that you have different investment options to compare and choose according to your preference. Here are the ones to explore:

  • An innovative Italian startup- €250,000
  • An established Italian company- €500,000
  • A philanthropic donation- €1 million
  • Government bonds worth €2 million

Besides these funding requirements, you must be over 18 years, have a clean criminal record, and should be in a good state of health to qualify.

Minimal documentation and easy process

Italian investor visa requires minimal documentation, and it mainly includes proof of funds. You need not even bring the actual investment until landing in Italy with the investor visa and converting it to a residence permit. The two-step process requires you to obtain a nulla osta (certificate of no impediment), followed by the investor visa application. The first part requires an online application with proof of valid funds for investment. You can expect to get the certificate in only 30 days. The second part is equally simple as you only have to apply for your investor visa at your local consulate with the nulla osta and some more documents. You can complete the entire process in a few months and start your Italian venture sooner than you imagine.

Access the road to citizenship

Landing with an investor visa in Italy is your first step on the road to Italian citizenship. You can get a residence permit right away and use it to travel visa-free across the EU. It is an opportunity to extend the global reach of your venture and achieve your growth objectives. Meanwhile, you can navigate the citizenship journey by crossing different milestones. You can extend your two-year residence permit by another three years, following which you qualify for a permanent residence status. The final milestone comes after a decade when you become eligible for citizenship by naturalization. During these years, you can focus on establishing your business and leading it up the success ladder.

The vision of setting up an international business in Italy is achievable with an investor visa. The best part is that you can get your family along without extra investment, settle in the country as a resident, and become a citizen eventually.