Key principles of designing visually appealing websites that drive sales

Online marketing and advertising continue to become a major part of business operations. For this reason, web design isn’t something any business can overlook. A good website must fulfill the intended purpose of helping a firm reach the targeted audience. Hiring a professional web design agency is key to getting a reliable and effective business website.

DIY web design is a tasking process. A professional web designer helps a company save time and money. They also give businesses faster and more responsive websites incorporating modern mobile technologies.

Principles of Creating Visually Appealing Website

One feature of poorly designed websites is poor performance. They are not visually appealing to the customers and become a major impediment to a company’s online promotion.

Here are the fundamental principles that help businesses design visually appealing websites that drive sales.

Determining the Website Purpose

There are different reasons why a business can decide to design a website. In this case, the key purpose for creating the website is to drive sales. The new website should accommodate such needs. By this, it becomes easier for the business to use the website to capture the attention of the targeted customers.

Note that a highly graphical website doesn’t guarantee more sales generation. The website must portray a clear marketing strategy and functional appeal. Available content must also promote the company’s brand to make the website stand out.

Consider Simplicity

A website designed to drive sales should be easy to navigate. Navigation problems are a turnoff to the customers. Impatience is common among many website users. So, a complex website will turn away all the sales that a business gets.

There are several ways a website designer can create a simple website. One of them is by incorporating a color that attracts the customers. The color must fit the business’s brand to influence customers’ behaviors positively.

Using one color makes the website dull. Web designers should ensure the website does not have more than five colors since this makes it unappealing. The colors must also be complementary.

The website’s topography also determines its simplicity. A good one captures the customers’ attention and helps them understand the brand much better.

Lastly, the images on the website should not be complex. Customers love more visual information than written content. So, the graphics, photography, and other illustrations should be of high quality and expressive.

Follow the Fitt’s Principle

Fitt’s law states that the distance to the target is equivalent to the amount of time one takes to reach it. The time taken to reach the target is not directly proportional to the target’s size. In a nutshell, this principle states that the target on the website must be bigger and faster to reach.

Call To Action (CTA) buttons are common targets on websites. CTA must be more prominent than other website elements and easier to access. Fitt’s principle aims to promote website maneuverability.

Consider Web Content

Determining the website content is a crucial principle for designing visually appealing websites. Great content should convert the visitors to customers. The content should have simple, clear, and enticing language.

Load Time

The website’s speed is a key determinant of its performance. Not many customers wait for websites to load. Web designers must create fast-loading websites to drive sales.

Hire a Web Design Agency

A web design agency is necessary for creating and optimizing a website. Good web designers ensure that businesses enjoy smooth online marketing and robust growth of their online presence. Experts know the web design industry better to give companies interactive online sites.

Not every web designer is worth hiring. One factor of consideration is the experience in the web design industry. Experienced web design companies have unique expertise and skills to create engaging and visually appealing sites.