15 Local SEO Tips Your Lazy Competitors Are Neglecting

Your lazy competitors are going to skip over a lot of little SEO factors that you need to think over before you are ready to set up your website and start a marketing plan.  Each step listed below can completely change how you market your business if you do it right.

1. Find A Partner

You need a partner like BradKRussell if you plan to be effective when marketing online.  Companies that do all this alone are going to have worse results than the competition.

2. Search Trends

You have to search trends when creating keywords.  It would be stupid to guess at your keywords as you start marketing your brand.

3. Track Keywords

You need to track keywords to see which ones bring people to your site.  If you do not know which keywords work, you will not know how to write the best content.

4. Track Ads

You have to track ads because they also contain keyword tags.  The ads that are the least effective can be removed.  Stick with the keywords and tags that make your ads better.

5. Use Landing Pages

You need to use landing pages to make sure that your company has a chance of getting people to buy as soon as they click on an ad.  It is very hard to sell when customers have to dig through your site.

6. Make Your Site Mobile Ready

Your site needs to be ready to work on mobile so that people can see it when they are on a phone or tablet.  It is smart for you to ask a developer to make your site and all ads mobile ready.

7. Write More Content

You need to write more content every day that is going to have the keywords you have chosen based on the current trends in the market.  This is a big part of the process because you need to make your company look fresh.

8. Make Video Content

You can make video content that has the same keywords that you have chosen for your articles.  It is very important for you to make video content that will not only look good but educate the public.

9. Start A Blog

You also need to start a blog where you can interact with the public and use the keywords that you have chosen for your business.  It is very simple to run a blog, and this is just another part of your site that will be very easy for you to manage and update on a daily basis.  You can also have an AMA with the public so that they can get to know your customers.  Humanizing your business helps.

10. Hashtags On Social Media

You have to be willing to use hashtags on social media so that you can easily get the keywords into as many places as possible.  You can use hashtags as a way to use more keywords, and you can even use the hashtag for events.

11. Contests

You need to use contests that are attached to your keywords to get more people interested in your business.

12. New Stories

You can send out press releases and news stories that have keywords in them so that more people will find your business.

13. Address

You need to have the address online so that people can find out business through a map app.

14. Phone Number

List your phone number online so that people can click and call you in one motion from their phone.

15. Business Page Reviews

The last step is setting up a business page for good reviews that everyone will see.