5 Ways to Increase The Conversions on Your Website

What Are The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Increase The Conversions From Your Website?

The digital world has always been an incredibly busy space.

While it is essential to have a digital presence in this day in age, either as an accompaniment to a physical presence or in a stand-alone entity, a digital presence in the form of a website or social media has become one of the sure-fire ways to reach a vast audience from just one platform.

However, over the last 20 months, in response to the global pandemic, we have all experienced, more and more people are tuning in to digital media for their business or information sharing purposes. Millions of websites are up and running.

Websites are a great driver to get people looking at your business, and they are one of the best digital solutions to get all of your business information in one place.

Are websites the best way to convert your visitors into customers for your products and services?

Well, actually, they can be!

Currently, websites overall have a conversion rate of around 2%, and according to The Daily Egg, so for every 1000 people that visit your website, approximately 20 of those people will opt-in, purchase, or book an appointment for your services, and that’s actually not a bad rate of conversion.

However, there are many things you can implement on your website that may help improve the conversion rate, turning the people who visit your website into customers or clients that purchase your goods and services.

So what can we do on our website to improve the conversion rate from customers to clients?

Here are the top 5 considerations to improve the conversion rates.

Streamline Your Forms

There is nothing more off-putting than going onto a website, being genuinely interested in the goods or services offered by it, getting to the inquiry or sign up form, and being completely put off by the number of fields there are to fill in; sometimes, there is a field which does not seem all that important to the service….so you come off the website, never to revisit it.

The lesson here is that people in 2021 are time-poor and do not have the extra time resources to fill in every element of their life just to get a callback.

There is also a consideration to the relevance of the fields on the digital website forms. Is it essential to ask the colour of their car if the goods and services are in the niche of haircare? No. Not really.

Excessive and irrelevant forms on digital website forms will only work to deter a potential service user because they don’t have time to fill everything in, or it arouses suspicion if the fields are irrelevant to the overall theme of the goods or services.

Collecting baseline information is crucial; however, making sure the data collected is relevant may also help increase your conversion rate.

Add Testimonials & Real Reviews

Do you have a section on your website where potential service users can view other people’s experiences with your goods and services?

Suppose you are anything like a majority of the population. In that case, you will discover new things to try via people recommending them or by reading real reviews and testimonials from other people who have used the product or service you are looking into.

Take Amazon, for instance. They have a whole section on every product where people who have tried the product or service can leave a star rating and a review of their experiences with the product.

Having positive, honest people experiences displayed on your website with real-life testimonials can increase your conversion rate by building trust with people who are visitors to your website. They will have the ability to see that there are real users of what you provide, and this is likely to increase the number of people who trust those people’s reviews and testimonials.

Make your CTA Instructions Clever

CTA stands for “Call To Action” and is used within any kind of copy to direct a viewer into following that particular instruction.

So for instance, if you had a section around testimonials that gave a really positive account of your product or service, but it wasn’t followed with any kind of instruction to follow to obtain the same positive experience, it would just be read as information, which is excellent for knowledge gathering.

However, if you follow that same statement with” Hit The “Send Me Information” Button Now” or “Press Here To Get Yours” or something similar, you will be directing your audience to an actionable statement where they will follow the instruction given to get what the instruction says it will provide them.

CTA directionals within your website copy are incredibly powerful ways to get your website viewers to convert, but only when they are given the positive incentives to do so, followed by the direct instruction with an interactive button to make things really simple.

Add A Chat Function

By adding a live chat function or option to your website, you actively encourage website visitors to chat with you (or operators) about your products and services.

This can produce a tri-fold of potential positive conversions for you, such as:

  • It shows your website visitors that there is someone real and available to chat to instead of an automated website waiting for replies involved.
  • Being open with website viewers and offering a chat function shows you are willing to provide customer services before the conversion has happened.
  • It can be a way to offer troubleshooting for potential conversions and a way of providing answers to potentially influence the conversion and having the ability to actively identify website visitors.

Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

Adding a money-back guarantee to your website’s goods or services and proudly displaying what you do will automatically give your website visitors a sense of safety when considering a purchase.

Trust is a huge factor when people consider purchasing a product or service from a website where they cannot see or experience the item before purchasing and cannot see an actual human attached to the item.

Offering a money-back guarantee is akin to providing a catch net with their purchase (which may increase your conversion). It removes the risk from the conversion for a potential customer to influence the conversion.


We can see here that implementing some straightforward elements on your website can really help increase the conversion rate from your website.

By including testimonials and reviews for your website, visitors show that real people are using the product or service you offer. More than that, they are happy to share their positive experiences.

Simplifying your contact form by only collecting essential information will assist in making your website conversion increase, especially in those who are time-poor or suspicious of the collection of unnecessary personal data.

When you implement things that provoke a feeling of trust on your website, you will see that your conversion rate from viewer to customer or client may increase.