7 Conventional Local SEO Tips To Rule Google Maps

When you are trying to rule Google Maps results, you need to use a few ideas that will make your business more popular. Google is favoring the businesses that have all their information up to date, and the seven things listed below should be updated on a regular basis so that you will be found when local customers are looking for you.

1.  Address

If you hire a company like www.digitalhitmen.com.au, you will need to give them the address of every office or shop you manage. You need to have your address listed with Google so that they can show you on a map. There is no point in marketing to local customers if they cannot find you.  Also be sure to check out chad kimball maps as well.

2.  Phone Number

You need to add a phone number that people can click in the search engine and instantly call you from a mobile device. If you haven’t customer service number, you need to add that number instead of an office number no one ever picks up.

3.  Website

Log your website with Google so that you will turn up in searches. You want people to be able to click on the website link and come to your site in a second. If they cannot find your website, they often move on because they do not want to search too hard for information.

4.  Hours

You need log your hours with Google so that people can easily learn when you are open. When you do this, Google also tells people if you are open or closed. The Google search engine can even tell people if you are opening soon, closing soon, or opening again tomorrow.

5.  Blog Posts

You need to link your blog to the Google Business page you made so that your latest blog post will be listed on the search engine results. This is a very easy thing to do so that customers can read information that you have just written for them. Plus, this might be the only thing people read before they decide to shop with your company.

6.  Reviews

Your Google reviews should be open for business, and you need to make sure that you have asked your best customers to write good reviews for you. New customers can learn about your quickly by reading through reviews because all they did was click on your Google Business listing. Now that you have captured someone who is local, they can decide to come to your office or store right away. They have all the information that they need to make an informed choice.

7.  Update Your Content Often

Make sure that your content is up to date so that you never go stale. Google demotes companies when their websites go stale, and you need to make sure that you have a responsive site, a site that is easy to scan for voice search, and a site that is current. All these tips work together to make it say for a potential customer to use Google Maps to choose your business.